• Pictures of speedos you guys use! Currently mines standard however may go electronic . As the threading on my standard one isn't very good. Possibly a previous owner tampering with it?
    The mileage seems to tally up from mots.
    She's on 12.5K miles
    What do you guys think?

  • I think most of us chose the vapor units.

    alt text

  • @Calum thanks Callum just been looking at your build!
    I must say your using quality parts, which is what I'd do, I wouldn't touch a mat aka or whatever there called lol unless someone can somehow convince me.
    Hope you get it sorted soon. I do worry about spending cash on mine as you never get it back and it goes quick when you start lol. also I keep thinking of doing a bigger test.
    Will always appreciate and love those small engine 2 strokes. So may just keep it forever if i can.

  • @Bentley A good few of us have done our licenses, and keep these toys.

    Mitaka make good parts, don't be so quick to snob them off. When my DT got nicked, I was on a budget and needed it fixed. I ran Mitaka after the feckers thrashed the hell out of my bike with no oil. It lasted a good few years, I swapped it our for Wossner, even though it was still in very good condition.

  • @Calum woah! Really and was you doing quite a few miles/hours! Aren't mitaka cast pistons? And wossener forged?

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    I stuck a mitaka piston in my KTM SX 125 and although it had less compression (as i likely got the wrong size), i had no issues with it and the bike still flew !

  • Aye, but the Wossner ones are manufactured in China.

    Again never had an issue with either, but this isn't a highly strung engine. So it doesn't need to be hardcore.

  • Another vote for the vapour Speedo from me0_1491017081363_IMG-20160921-WA0008.jpeg