• What's people's views on fitting my mikuni tm30ss carb from my wr200 to my dt125r was wondering if there would be anything to gain from it as I've picked up a 34mm upgrade for my wr200 so have the tm30ss doing nothing and looks almost new be a shame to see it go to waste

  • @andrewj1680 ALL GAINS, do it.

    Might be a bit tough stretching the rubber manifolds over tho.

    Probably the perfect carb for a 125R, but should be a 'TM30SS'

  • @Darty think your right it is a tm30ss sorry, I have the the airbox from a dt230 lanza and the boot seems to fit the carb and looking at it I think the boots will swap across just not sure about the inlet side maybe another lanza part maybe. I just don't want to change it if there would be no gains from it 👍

  • @andrewj1680

    I know the Japanese Spec 230 Lanza's were TM30ss carb'd aswell, but some lanza's are still TM28ss like a 125R.

    So the right inlet will fit the 30mm, but the crankcase inlet tract is much wider for a 230Lanza, might be the same as a WR200 though, never been able to compare,

    and the 230 has a shorter inlet tract, might have clearance issues.

    Will need modifying a bit to line up,

  • @Darty I've just tried to find that info as I thought I'd just buy new from fowlers but it's back order only, the wr comes off at a different angle I didn't know if I could possibly open the bore on the original but guessing easier said than done with it being rubber

  • @andrewj1680

    I used a dremel to hone out the standard inlet to fit a TM32, it's a bit laborious to get it as smooth once you have taken material away,

    I had to trim the bottom of the YIES bottle to maintain a constant diameter,

    But it did work nicely in the end,

    You can also just buy a manifold joint to sit over the original, but does make the the whole inlet tract to long, start to lose the best fuel air ratio for high RPM, but gain some low end torque, its fairly noticable.

  • Ideal I have a dremel here, pretty handy at times like this, darty the 230 airboot has a boost bottle which inserts the same as the original on the dt inlet boot would you blank this or just run it anyway? Thanks for your input appreciate it

  • 0_1491260710217_20170404_000323.jpg 0_1491260722395_20170404_000303.jpg

  • @andrewj1680

    Sound man,

    Well, It's down to what you want from the bike, the YIES bottle helps alot with low speed running,

    Having that 2nd bottle on there made my DT a little flat on top end, so I took it off just for top end riding.

    Some engines seem to respond differently, give it a try.

  • @Darty thanks bud will give it ago won't hurt to try both with and without it's only a 2 second job to put a bung in it surely. Top Man 👍

  • I had the tmx30 almost identical to the tm30ss on my bike, no have a tm34ss! Both run very well. See my 200cc conversion thread 🙂

  • @Louis-James my dt didn't like it at all so I have stuck the original back on it seemed like a good idea at the time 😂

  • @andrewj1680 you have to modify the throttle cable to allow it to fully open because is has further to travel, also must jet it correctly 🙂

  • @Louis-James I used the wr200 cables as was a direct swap and I plan to put all new on the wr anyway, It seemed to take far too much air in, maybe try again at some point I'll just have to order a handful of jets and have done with it