• Hi all,

    I am looking to buy another DT, I have found two euro imports with very low mileage. One is a 1999 and one is a 2004, both of them have under 5k miles on them and appear to be completely stock.

    I much prefer the aesthetic of the older one as it has a nicer shape, colour and a kickstarter!!

    Mechanically, how different are the two machines? Price and condition wise, I think the bikes are very similar.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You won't get a rev counter with the newer model, but like you mentioned it swaps the kick for an electric starter. Although if the kick starter is an important factor, note that you can fit a kick starter to the new model very easily as the engines are virtually the same. Equally you can fit an electronic speedo to the newer model to show the revs.

    I may be wrong, but someone else will be able to confirm that the 1999 model has a slightly restricted CDI?

  • Yeah from what I've heard the 99 era of models are the hardest to derestrict. They have a lower rev limiter setting in the CDI

  • Is it not a case of chopping and earthing that wire in the CDI?

    There is a very high chance I will get a zeeltronic CDI anyway 8-)

    The 2004 has gone, he has a 1999 and a 2000. He says they slightly changed the 1999 model mid year, so it is the same as the 2000.

    Thank you for the responses

  • I wouldn't be deterred by restrictions personally.

    I feel that the DTRE is the better bike anyway, but if I could I'd get an original Jap Built DTR.

    The later models were built in Spain, the quality is noticeable. A 2000 DTR vs a DTRE, I'd have the RE. But I am biased.

  • Now that the 2004 DTR has gone, its a choice between a 1999 or 2000 DTR. I believe they both have electric and kick start

    Are DTRE's 2004 onwards? I would have imagined the newer models are harder to get parts for, is this correct?

  • @wonkbreath Only the RE's have leccy. The R's are kick start only. Whilst leccy starts are possible to fit. They require a completely different crank/flywheel and general electrics.

    Not really, the RE shared lots of components with the R and the RE engine also shared parts in common with the Belgarda Engine from the 90s. Gilera SC and various other bikes used the RE engine.

  • Yeah my 'X' is a Spain built one, finish quality is (or was) pretty poor. All fine now everything is powder coated lol

  • Before I messed with my 2000 dtr build quality was great. The 3mb I think it was? Never let me down 🙂