• Decided i should transfer my project over to the new site!

    Well here is my first ever project, bought myself a 1990 DTR frame. My plan is to convert it into a supermoto (may not happen considering DTX wheels are hard to find) have it with a white powdercoated frame, swingarm and fork legs.

    then maybe have a secondary colour of red or blue, undecided yet. Well here goes

    Starting off with a poorly painted frame by the previous owner, apparently it was one of his projects which he gave up with after being unable to find a wiring loom and needing money to get a new engine for his car as his current one had shat itself. Amazing how you can post something so large from London to South East Wales for only £15!!!


    Also bagged myself a swingarm with the chain guide and brake cover.


    I Also decided to get all of the bolts that hold on the rear grab handle, some of the bolts had already been snapped so i tried to cut a slot in them and undo it with a flat head screwdriver.. this didn't work.

    The bolt is too skinny to accept enough force, just snapped off. I then swiftly realised that the previous owner had painted the frame without taking any of the screws out... then left the bike out in the elements for a good 3 years (MOT expired that time).

    So none of these bolts are coming out. My best bet now is to drill and retap the threads. Any recomendations for a good drill and tap set? Seems like this project is going to involve alot of money spent on tools aswell..

  • I decided to do some more work on the swingarm. Just removing bearings and bushings from the swing arm, actually turned out to be quite a hard job.

    So these are the swingarm bearings, these actually didn't turn out to be too hard to change. A few hits from a hammer with the aid of a spark plug socket to hit on the edge of the bearing and they came free


    Reusing these bearings is out of the question, but i planned to change every bearing whilst it was apart anyway. That's the point of rebuilding a bike right?

    Now came the fun part of this evening, removing these bushes. I had previously tried to get these out with a screwdriver and hammer. But no luck.

    So back refueled and with a little google knowledge i had a new plan of attack

    Instead of just trying to straight hit them with a screwdriver and hope they get pushed out, i found out that you have to actually split the bush in half so it releases

    the tension of the bush pushing up against the swingarm. So after cutting a slot with a hacksaw blade and mauling it with a screwdriver i finally got the bushes out.

    So the hydraulic press at college is going to come in handy if they let me use... so will the sandblaster

    Sorry this one wasn't exactly too interesting, but that will come when i get paid... at the end of this month

  • So not too much has happened after half term and payday, i thought i would knuckle down and get things done...

    Then I realized I need to have all of the parts in front of me to start working on them.

    So parts hoarding has continued, I'm hoping to have it powdercoated next month however that is my final pay before Christmas so I'm hoping Christmas isn't going to cost me too much this year.

    So here's what photos i do have to show what i've been doing

    My wiring loom from Germany, i was also sent the rectifier/regulator and headlight bracket with this

    Received my yokes and forks so tried em, seeing bits go onto it really motivates me

    Also cleaned up the suspension linkage i had received. It seems that every part I get is filthy and needs a good clean

    I have also now got the engine brackets and bolts. I've also won an auction on eBay for a radiator, 2stroke tank and coolant expansion bottle with all brackets, the scoops and hoses for a measly £1.25

    just waiting on him to send it.

    My Dad is going to take the frame into work with him to get the snapped bolts out of the frame, I've tried penetrating oil + mole grips however i had literally now success. I also got the lower bearing race off of the yoke thanks to my college

    and their fancy head inductor thing.

    Next Is to strip down the forks as the seals are gone and i need just the fork legs to give to the powdercoaters.

    Also the brother decided to park his GSXR in the shed for winter, so i've got less space in a tiny shed

  • Well payday has been, not much has happened as i have to get all my families Christmas presents. However I am bidding on an engine on eBay which i hope to rebuild. Then if i have enough money left I will be getting everything powdercoated, But i'm still waiting on my dad to get the snapped bolts out at his work place. However due to problems all the fitters have been way too busy and haven't gotten time to do my frame.

    But in the mean time all i've really done to the bike is take out the bearing races

    When I think about this bike though it doesn't really seem like i have a lot to do (LOL) just get the chasis done, engine in, carb, exhaust, intake, electrics then just cosmetics?? Anything else i'm missing (looking back, i was really overlooking how much work i had to do lol)

    Wow, it's been a few months since doing anything. Well here's an update, I've actually been busy. Frame and all parts are now powdercoated. I've decided on Candy red lacquer over chrome for the frame and pure white for the rest of the parts. I did want to do the frame white with just some parts red, but this idea has been down very well a few times. So maybe i'd try doing something differentsmile.

    Also i've managed to get my mitts on an engine. Just £100 + P&P. The powervalve covers were a bit messed up and i thought this would mean it would stuggle with sealing. So i got another cylinder. The one that came with the engine was only on it's first oversize bore, however it did not want to come off which meant we had to get the angle grinder on, i could probably still use the cylinder but it's not pretty. But this meant i could see the condition of the big end bearing, there's some side to side movement but there's no up and down movement. Should i be worried about the side to side movement? Surely it'll tighten up when the crank heats up and expands?

    The broken one
    And the new one, on the original bore
    But now i've just ordered myself some nuts and bolts from Kayfast after recommendation from Calum so there should be some bolting on going on fairly soon.

    Not too happy with the progress of this project at the moment, would rather have been past this stage by now. But atleast all the buying the big parts is out of the way 🙂

  • Well my stainless bolts arrived from kayfast after only 2 days... impressive. I've put what i've got right now on.I should've ordered more m6 x 16mm as i've already gone through all of them lol.

    Also i have my fork seals and dust caps. Just need to wait for my father to take them to work as one of the fitters where he works likes bikes and offered to do them when i gave the forks to him because the allen key bolt at the bottom was seized. Here's a picture of how he stands now.
    (pretty crap photo, but it started getting dark)

    Swingarm bearings are in and swingarm is on the frame, would've had the suspension linkage bearings in aswell however i ordered the wrong sodding bearings.

    The races are in for the headrace bearings, would've had that on too... but i ordered the wrong seal for the lower bearing. Correct one is now on order
    and the forks are now together with new athena fork seals, new dust seals and fork oil 10w

    Well i've finished off most of the bearings in the rear suspension, suspension linkage bearings are all in and all the swingarm bearings too. All that's left is the bushes in the swingarm, hopefully if i leave them to freeze for a few days they will go in with little effort. I did however decide to put the engine into the frame, so i had to remove the swingarm which means i have now run into another problem. I cannot get the swingarm to line up with the holes, the little tubes that go sit inside the bearings are too damn wide. I have no idea if i'm doing it wrong but it just bloody doesn't fit! So i'm going to have the right one trimmed down a few mm as that is the one causing the problem. Also should have the bearing for the yoke pressed in at the same time, happy days. Had to buy a damn new exhaust for my cbr though, so £150~ of my budget for the engine this month has gone elsewhere. not happy days. But she's coming along slowly, Rome wasn't built in a day 🙂

    i've gotten my yoke back with the tapered bearing pressed on, so i could finally put the yokes and forks on
    Now it's taken shape a little bit. And i've finally gotten to put my renthals on that i've had sitting around since christmas
    Just got the bushes to press into the swingarm now and it's all good for the suspension side, next up is the top end on the engine. Also loosely placed my loom onto the frame, will have to sort that out.

    So my hopes for this project is going back up now i'm putting more parts together, no more moaning about having no money

  • http://i.imgur.com/AxjIQ3R.jpg?1
    It still isn't much, but a damn sight more than what it was before. The engine is now finished, it had a new topend with a 57mm piston. New carb is on, a mikuni tmx30 which has taken a fair bit of fettling to get into the intake manifold, airbox and even getting the throttle cable to fit. I had my first go at painting, i did the airbox in white to match with the plastics. It definitely isn't the best and will have to be redone. Also my stator is now in, just need to get a nut and washer to hold it on. CDI is in place and so is the coil. Was getting a spark plug cap in the post however it got damaged, new one should be here tomorrow. Also now this bike has a key and ignition, kickstart and few other pieces. Going to be getting an exhaust and put the oil pump on this month. Should MAYBE see it start this month if not next month.

    I really did not know what i was getting myself into, a lot of work has gone into this and i'm still getting nowhere.
    There's still masses of wiring to be done, i'm wondering what actually needs to be plugged in sensor wise. Will not having a sidestand switch stop it from starting? Etc.

    i have now tidied up all the wiring with a few cable ties and ordered myself a nice stainless exhaust off of Romeu
    We now have spark! And plenty of compression too. My bits today came from wemoto, long list but everything to hook up the battery, gear lever, air filter, spark plug, reed valve gasket. Plus i added some carbon fiber reeds (not too sure on them, they don't look like proper carbon fiber :/). this is my first bike with a kickstart and it sure is hard to kick, did just have a fresh top end so i'm judging that's why. See people on youtube easily turn it over and start their bike with their hand!

    But that's all for this month, car insurance at 18 is a killer. Hopefully should have my exhaust from romeu by the end of the month, just need an oil pump, boost bottle and petrol tank and this baby should (hopefully) start. Would be nice to hear it for once.

    I've also won another left hand switch, side stand and right hand switch for just £10 + shipping, hope the connectors are still on the switches.

  • So here we are up to today, i've now finished the exhaust on the bike. We have one of Romeu's hand made stainless steel wraparound expansion chamber paired with a dep end can. I still need the rubber connector

    Here's one for Callum, got the proper size bolts for the rectifier. No more 5 washers ahaha

    Also i've got a fuel tank, in white. However it needs redoing as all of the paint is cracked to death. This will be getting powdercoated, however im not sure whether powdercoating a petrol tank is a good idea?

    and the second set of left hand switches turned up. They didn't have any of the connectors cut off! However they had a plastic housing that was cracked. So i changed the insides into the metal housing that i had! A lot beefier.

    And i didn't get any photos of it, but i have the auto lube system in place now too. With a clear pip so i can see the oil going into the engine

  • Ahh nice to read a project thread.

    It is looking.good mate.

    Takes me back to how the forum used to be. Reading projects. Good times.

  • Good project thread look like it's coming together nicely 👍

  • Cheers you two! It's been a long time with this bike and i've gone 5 months now without having a bike to ride. Thought it'd be nice to add some content to the new site, It's a hell of a lot better of a site. Just needs some users and content now!

  • The old site used to buzz with life. Every day there a group of lads that came on here religiously. Then the scamming came and the site got locked down Seiki just lost interest. That was it. Seiki said he was going to close the old site. This is a free alternative that I can run from a small computer at my house. Sure I don't have a static ip and it isn't a dedicated line. But it will always be here. Even if it is unavailable.

  • Such a shame that the scammers came and killed the old site. I remember waiting a few days to be accepted onto the old site. Still seems these bikes are very popular still, but everyone seems to prefer the facebook page

  • So the people on Facebook we don't really want on the forum to be honest. Don't get me wrong, they have their place. But people who use forums do so for the community. The people on Facebook just tend to take and give nothing back.

    I mean you can't go into as much depth about your build like you have here on Facebook.

  • I do get what you're saying about facebook, it has it's place. I suppose the forum is for more of an enthusiast

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    Keep up the good work!

  • Won't stop until it's finished!

  • Well i took my tank to the powdercoaters and had it stripped, turns out it was absolutely covered in filler and that it has a massive dent and is all just horrible to look at. So now i'm back in the market for another tank. wasted like £70 on buying a tank and having it stripped which i'll never get back 😞

  • That sucks mate. We have all been there though mate. That exhaueis looking great though

  • Well after feeling a bit down that i wasted £70 on a crap tank i decided to go in search for a good shape tank, started on ebay however there was very little there and i wanted to see what i was getting first hand. So i gave Tommy Keene a message on facebook, he sells loads of DT parts and if you're after literally anything give him a shout. The next day i took a trip down to reading and had a look through what he has got. I ended up coming back with a bit more than just the tank, i had to make the 90 mile trip worth it! So i now have, some very good condition wheels. No rust on the rim or spokes but the spokes are doing their usual thing where they look dirty and worn all complete with spacers and spindles. Nice original tank that i'm airing the petrol out of to take to the powdercoaters. Foot pegs with springs and pins and little rubber mounts for the tank and petrol tap and boost bottle. Spent a lot less than i anticipated! So hopefully should have the tank on in white the next few weeks with some petrol in it and start this beast!


    just need the speedo drive as a spacer then i can put that front wheel on, will look like a bike then lol

  • Well i've had the tank powdercoated and put a new petcock seal on and got the tank mounted up. Took me a few goes to get it started but it jumped into life! Carb seems pretty well set up, but i'll find that more when i go to ride the thing. Exhaust isn't all hooked up though so it's loud