Athena top end question...

  • Hey, just joined and need some advice please.
    I have just bought a DT 125R SM. The chap I bought it from told me it had a Athena top end rebuild. I asked him if it was a 170cc kit and he said no, it's just a Athena 125cc kit. It has the Athena stamp on it.
    It's my 1st DT so I am no expert but I thought Athena only make a 170 kit.
    I have tried to find the information here and online but I don't see a 125 kit.
    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
    If it is a 170 rebuild I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not as I have read that they don't last long. However it should be quicker than standard. Pros and cons I guess.
    Sorry if I'm asking silly questions, I am new to the DT scene.
    Just a guy with a mid life crisis.
    Would be great if somebody can help me out here


  • @kennyenergy post a pic of the cylinder is your best bet mate the numbers on the side should tell you, if it's only the anthena gasket kit your good to go they are just as good as standard I've just been told to avoid the 170 Athena kit as it's alot of strain on the bottom end

  • I know a guy who put 35k on a 170 kit on a TDR125 before the gearbox gave up. I think you'll be fine

  • Each to their own their is loads of different factors to take into account like condition of the engine itself how often it's serviced has the kit been run in properly and how the bike is ridden a extra 45cc is alot of strain for a crank

  • Athena do make a 125cc kit for the TZR

  • @Darty am I right in saying the port timing is all out on the 170 kit too? Sure I read somewhere something about it as I did look into it myself

  • @andrewj1680 yeah, I don't know the specifics, but the port timing isnt suited to the displacement, the ports need to be higher, it's a very midrange setup

    Only a few have bothered to try and fix it

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