Traction Control - KTM & Husky leading the way

  • Well this sure looks very interesting, along with the fuel injection systems KTM and Husqvarna are developing for their MX/Enduro bikes. They are also working on Traction Control systems for their bikes too. It appears that their off roaders are getting all technical on us and it looks like their improving a hell of a lot too. Will SuperMoto's follow suit and we'll soon see track bikes with this tech too? TBC....................................

  • Really?
    Do we REALLY need it.

    That's part of the fun having the back end kick out.

    Some of the best vehicles to drive are the purely mechanical ones.

    I dunno seems unnecessary to me...

  • i think its cool what they're doing with 2 strokes and traction control but i do think that traction control is a bit american like the auto clutch

  • @Calum I agree with you, but it looks like this is an RPM control to aid traction and not a wheel spinning control like cars have;


    It’s nothing like the TC systems used on older-style, large adventure bikes (where there’s an audible, stuttery, hit-the-rev-limiter type of interruption to the power delivery), or even the more sophisticated TC system used on KTM’s new adventure models, where the ECU controls the butterfly angle to limit power. The TC system used on KTM’s competition dirt bikes is more of a subtle de-tuning of the power delivery, but only when absolutely required. The system is calibrated so that you can still get the rear wheel spinning-up and the bike’s rear-end stepped out as sideways as you like when the terrain offers consistent grip levels. But in really slick conditions – such as loose rock or patches of wet, soapy clay – it takes the emphasis off the need for super-precise throttle control, and it helps keep the rear wheel hooking up. That results in a bike that consistently tracks straighter, which makes it easier and safer to ride – especially as the rider becomes fatigued.

  • Auto clutch, yet another invention for the United States of Laziness!!! LOL 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA I dunno man.

    I you want to be a serious MX'er then this is crucial to understand how to get out of that sort of situation. No?

    It seems to me it's taking some of the skill needed away from the rider.

  • @Calum Agreed, but this may be a way for novice or less experienced riders to learn those riding skills more easily? And if they sell more bikes because of the new tech, then it's a wining strategy for the manufacturers. Plus if factory teams start using the TC and win a lot of races then you can bet the other teams will quickly follow suit too? All in all it's a win, win situation if it pays off???

  • @CYBER-NINJA Oh she'll pay alright lmao!

    How much you reckon they'll be knocking these units out for lmao!

  • @Calum


    At this stage, traction control is only available for four-stroke models. All 2017-model motocrossers from both KTM and Husqvarna come with the technology. On the enduro machine front, TC is standard equipment on Husqvarna’s 2017 FE range and KTM’s Six Days models. However, the system is not standard on KTM’s 2017 EXC-F range, meaning you need to buy an optional Map-Selector Switch (which includes the TC function) from KTM’s PowerParts catalogue for $190.

  • @CYBER-NINJA Yeah, that's pricey for an ECU mod.

    I mean it's literally just a switch that tells the ECU to cut the power if the RPM spikes too quickly.

    You now see a lot of Audis running this sort of gear. Electronic Differentials and TCS.

    In other words the ECU just senses that the engine is spooling quick and limits the power...what's that restriction?

  • @Calum It's all about reducing wheelspin through rev's, so essentially it's not a true TC or in any way comparable to a 4WD system. Only time will tell if it proves to be a success or not? But you can bet there will be a ton of custom maps and piggyback ECU's on offer with this TC system and the fuel injection systems too. It's all about reducing emissions through the new EC4 laws, which is basically the killjoys attempting to cut down on the 2T off-roaders fun sadly!!! 👊

  • @CYBER-NINJA Yeah, I don't doubt it'll work.

    It's a clever tact, as TCS is bloody heavy!

    But it's not sophisticated like a true mechanical TCS system. There is only so far the ECU can go.

  • @Darty Very informative post, however I think you meant to post this on the fuel injection thread? LOL

    Or does it also apply to the Traction Control system as well???

  • @CYBER-NINJA 😂 I posted then, realised what i'd done... should be at @andrewj1680 thread

  • @Darty No worries bud, I just wasn't sure if that info applied to both was all??? 😉