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  • Hello Yamaha 125 enthusiasts.

    Let me begin with a small note about my English, I'm Dutch so my English is all basic hope you guys will understand what ill be writing here.

    Im Louis 39year and riding yamaha twostrokes from when I was 17.
    Started with the RD350's later the RD500 then cam the TZR's 2Ma's and 2XT and now All 3MA's

    Most off my ideas and findings what I do now, I'm posting on my site.

    In 2016 bought myself a TZR125 4DL (with cosmetic work) but really like the bike and its driving characteristics
    Now 2017 I'm building a TZR125 4DL Trackbike (slow project, but its still going)

    Knowing this is a DT125R forum so can discuss/change ideas about chassis wise but Engine wise they are about the same.
    So hope to contribute in that section

    Hope to meet people with the same interest and discussing new idea's


  • @louis Welcome aboard, post some pics or start a build thread dude!!! 😉

  • Hello and welcome Louis.

    Lovely bikes you have there.

    Thank you for posting!

  • Welcome aboard, nice bikes but you need to get some pictures up 😉

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