How can I get into a career involving motorcycles?

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    So for the past 2 years or so I've been having thoughts of getting into a career involving motorcycles. I left school 2 years ago and since then had a couple jobs involving IT, most notably server maintenance and website design, building and maintenance. I used to be extremely keen on technology, coded from a young age and was always up-to-date with the newest stuff. But after working in the field I've completely lost my desire to commit to a career in IT.

    My passion has always revolved around 2 things, technology indoors and motorcycles outdoors. And since I don't want to pursue technology, and I'm out of ideas, I was wondering how could I get involved with say a motorcycle mechanic apprenticeship? In the past I'd always turned down the idea with the excuse of "I don't want to maintain/fix them and watch someone else ride them". I've always had an interest in physics and I can at least wire a plug. So I guess what I'm asking is how can I get in the trade? Is it best to look for an apprenticeship from Honda or BMW? Ask a local dealer or garage? Or pursue a course in college (which isn't really available in my area) and bore myself in a classroom?

    Thanks for reading, I look forward to your replies.


  • Ask anyone in the mechanics trade and the response you will most likely get is don't do it.

    If Motorcycles are your passion then you won't want to be a mechanic.

    That said it really depends on what you're doing.

    The chap at Yamaha Skellerns Cheltenham has a real passion for bikes, they all do.

    But he always seems to be maintaining classic two stroke motors and has a real passion for it.

    I don't have any friends that works solely on bikes, but I can imagine it being a damn sight better than cars.

    If I were you, I'd look to work in IT with Honda/BMW.

    Do something IT technical but with a bike company.

    That way you're doing something you're good at, with something you like.

    Best of both worlds.

    I am in a similar situation, love cars, don't want to be a mechanic. Good at computers but not a real interest. I'd always imagine my dream job as designing the code that allows tuners to map their cars.

    Using something you're good at, against something you have an interest in.

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    Kind of agree with @Calum. As much as I love bikes it would almost zap the fun out of them working with them 9-5.

    I am also in a similar position oddly enough, but after starting my IT career, I definitely feel it's the right choice for me at the moment, but I find myself unable to be with computers as much outside of work now.

    You could consider starting up something by yourself. If you are able to make profit from a project bike, you have the foundation for a business. Establish a small name for yourself and you can easily start charging near dealer prices.

  • @Minia what do you like about bikes in particular though?

    I love Design engineering and tuning, looking at how things work and the application of theory.

    But more importantly, it's better than most drugs riding motorcycles pretty much wherever!

    I've been into Cars forever and recently 2stroke bikes, but when it came to going University I realised that there is so much more to life than just being around motor vehicles all day every day. You have to be passionate, and super geeky into it, but that's okay,

    Develop your key skills and interests around them,

    that's the best advice I could give you.

    Nothing wrong with being a mechanic, but if you became a mechanical engineer, you would be able to be involved in much more detail and greater projects, Motorcycle or whatever... boats are sick too!

    My University lecturer once said.., 'look for the things that really turn you on, spark your creativity'

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