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  • I'm guessing the impedance for the circuit isn't high enough.

    The reason for this is because it's looped through the bulb in your clocks dash.

    Remove the bulb from the circuit, impedance will be dramatically increased.

    Does the bulbs go out now?

    If so, then you need to increase the impedance in the circuit, either an SMD LED or inline resistors to the dash bulb.

  • Thanks Calum.

    Its pouring down outside now so i'l take a look at that when it stops.

    Any idea why all 4 indicators are flashing at the same time tho.?


  • @dazzagtir The circuit is completely passive, it's expecting a certain load for the circuit to operate as expected.

    So if it isn't setup correctly then it won't operate as you expect.

    If you're not familiar with electronics then it probably won't make much sense. But in modern systems it's what we would call "active". I.E. there would be a dedicated chip that would perform the timing functions. The rail would be 12V and it would interface with a microprocessor which would handle the timing events.

    But this is completely passive. Therefore you are relying on the decay rate of capacitors through resistors and transistors to perform the actions necessary.

    If you're interested then I'd suggest perhaps watching some videos on YouTube.

  • Thanks for the information. 👍

    I honestly don't have a clue what I am doing or about electronics in general.
    I was hoping it was just a simple case of plug and play. 😂

    However, now that you have explained all of that to me, I don't understand any of what you have said but I can now go and google it all and try to work it out for myself.

    I'm probably going to regret putting indicators on it. 😳

    Thanks again.

  • If I've confused you then I've overcomplicated it.


    That video will explain all!

  • this may help to as im running all led bulbs in the clocks too and was having the same problem with the indicators it down to the the bulb in the dash as the wire is both live and earth depending what side is flashing

  • Thanks guys for the advice.!
    Its been incresibly helpful.
    So far I thought I had cracked it until I started the engine and rode it.
    I found two old resisters which I connected to both the rear indicators, with the engine not running the indicators worked PERFECTLY...!!!
    I was so excited because ive never worked electrics in my life and thought I had chacked it. 😂
    Any way Today I rode the bike and went to use the indicator and the rears work perfect but the front not at all.
    Dam you electrics.!

  • @dazzagtir I had the same problem and was never able to resolve it. But see here bud, loadsa tips there;