DT125R 1994 Running Project

  • So as titled really had the bike a few months not done anything to it not even start it apart from change levers and new battery this will be my daily ride when it passes its MOT this will be a slow project and ideally, I will get another alternative ride in the future

  • @terry.tz pics?

  • 0_1499277911930_20170413_133532.jpg
    just showing the drops of oil looks like both 2 stroke and bottom end oil ill give it a good clean in a day or two and try locate the leak looks like its from gear shaft

    needs drilling and taping although cable ties doing a great job 😄

    if i had a welder then i could of just run a bead on the back as it have nasty stretch fractures on the bend might ask a local garage

    seems a bit oily to me


  • @terry.tz they can be a bit waxy from previous head gasket failures how over is recommend a rebuild as the first thing to do then paint and as you build it back up fix and replace the little issues but a nice bike anyways you keeping it original?

  • @declan naa it not staying original well I don't no time will tell I suppose and ye I think it is the gasket tho seems a bit too smokey as for rebuild etc as much as I should do it I need it on the road asap for a few weeks then I can start tidying it up so unfortunately I don't have a choice little things are going to be first

  • @terry.tz can't wait to see it finished

  • @declan that will be a long time very long time if ever, to be honest, it probably always be a tinker toy if you know what I mean but then again as already stated time will tell I do have some ideas but ill keep them close for now things can change

  • new battery did not keep its charge

  • @terry.tz going on how crusty everything looks I'd check all earths

  • ye will do there is a few funny connections

  • @terry-tz So I may have to adjust my Build thread title 😂

    Keep us updated as you go, mine was always a weekend work in progress when I had the time. I used it pretty much everyday during the week.

  • @declan yes it was shit from passed fails I don't understand why you wouldn't clean that shit out
    anyway battery's charging now I cleaned a few connection and its passed MOT been riding a few days now

  • 0_1501458241586_20170729_200350.jpg
    bike was cutting out at every stop and idle screw wouldn't budge and was rounded a bit so I took it off for a clean and to loosen the idle found they have a security bolt 😠 so it only had a quick clean got the idle moving tho took some shifting like but carb wants doing again it's looking sorry for its self need to get a rebuild kit for it really seals were almost none existant

  • and the bowl was over flowing to seems good now tho

  • 0_1501467309600_20170731_020202.jpg
    in need of a muffler and bracket

  • @terry-tz yesss glad to hear she's back on the road!

  • @terry-tz that exhaust looks like something off the rear end of an old metro lol

  • 0_1501507140472_20170730_211030.jpg
    looks good but don't think the DT likes iridium plug cut out on me a few times and been a pain to start so I removed the oring I had holding it more open and it been fine but at full chat ish it has bogged a few times very slight think it could be getting to oily

  • @terry-tz wellits deffo running rich throw a new plug in and plug chop it if you really want to find out


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