• I know that we have build threads, but what about adding a gallery section just for photo's, where owners can upload say 3-5 pics of their bikes, so that we have a focal point for ideas, mods, colour schemes etc. This would showcase our bikes and provide a central data-bank of our endeavors. So that other owners can get inspiration for their builds and use our experience's and creation's as a starting point for their own creation's.

    Would that be possible, or would it be too heavy for the server to store those pics???

    What does everyone think about this idea???

  • @CYBER-NINJA personally it's a nice idea but isn't that just a build thread you have described 😐

  • @declan @Calum who do I gotta kill to get rid of this big pink dtr newbie sign 😂😂😂😂

  • @declan I think that disappears when you hit a certain amount or posts, or time as a member, but I may be wrong???

  • Shall we have an inspiration section?

  • @Calum I was thinking more of just a picture only section aka a picture gallery. Where we can post some pics of our bikes, with no words permitted and members can then just scroll through them and have a gander. Obviously the build threads would be more detailed and members could then refer to them for more info. Plus that may aid newer members to earn reputation, as we could up-vote their pics. 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA So I am currenyly in the process of building a Hall of Fame section. Thisnwouod be a place where users can submit a photo of their bike to associate with profile.

    Maybe this could be Owners Garage. Where users could up load photos of their vehicles along with information.

  • @Calum sounds cool , cant wait to see it 😊