How important are the pv cleaning cycles

  • So a few weeks ago the ignition barrel went so it wouldn't hold the key in it would fall out so I left it in the on position and had no problem but when testing my new bars out the pv wasn't working at all so got home and tried the key and it would turn but very sluggish so I done the cleaning cycle a few time took it back out and it was perfect again so was it the lack of cleaning cycles causing this?

  • To be honest, I'm not sure its cleaning cycles is what you think it is.

    The engine could be switched off at 7000RPM. At this stage the power valve would be halfway through the cycle.

    When the ignition is powered off and on, the CDI loses the state at which the powervalve was in.

    So it goes through a "sensory" cycle. That cleans the state of the powervalve. I think it goes from most closed, to most open to most closed again.

    Now the CDI knows the powervalve is in the closed state.

    So I would guess it's more a CDI cleaning cycle, rather than physically cleaning the gunk out of the powervalve, which should be done as part of maintenance anyway.

    Also, can we try to keep these threads in the most correct location. I notice lots of people seem to put them in the owners build threads which is meant as a place to document your build in a single location, rather than hundreds of different threads.

    This will be useful in the future when someone else asks the same question.

  • @Calum this is in the right place isn't it? So maybe the battery went flat and couldn't cycle correctly? And if the bike was killed with the pv half through its cycle then it never does the cycle since I wasn't using the key then would this cause my issue?

  • @declan I moved it to the right place.

    The key doesn't have anything to do with the powervalve cycles. They occur when the power is cycled.

    That said, it won't operate correctly without a battery.

  • @Calum well I hope the the battery was a little flat and hopefully nothing's on it's way out, yeah I saw that's my bad I didn't realise sorry buddy.