Progressive fork spring upgrade in stock forks - experiences?

  • Hi..
    Have anyone tried to swap out the springs in the stock forks out with some progressive from Wilbers, Wirth, Hyperpro etc? If so, I would like to hear som experiences with them. I'm looking to stiffen up the front end (giggity) without doing a complete fork swap.

  • I really want to hear about this too!

    We discussed this the other day.

  • I am considering this for the white bike, rebuilt the red bike ones already, would value opinion of someone who's already done it. Will be rebuilding the forks on the white one anyway. Did it before on a 600 and made a big difference to that, fork action much more controlled, a bit soft beforehand.
    Tried increased viscocity oil first but slowed the rebound damping too much on that so next step was the progressive springs

  • I considered the hyperpro progressive springs for mine, but they were listed for the R not the X that I've got. Glad I didn't buy them because mine already had progressive springs in!
    I went with 15w oil and it's much better now