DTR will only start with easy start

  • Hi. I've recently bought a DTR 125 2002. When i bought i off the lad it started first kick, had a quick spin an it seemed sound. The exhaust was a bit smokey but that didn't really bother me. Started first kick an ran fine. The lad i bought it off said if it's left a few days without being used the plug gets wet an it's hard to start so wipe the plug and it will start.
    Got it home, next day wouldn't start. Wiped plug, wouldn't start. Put a new plug in, same problem. I went to adjust the air/fuel mixer screw but it's stripped an seized. Tried easy start, starts no problem after a few kicks. Then i can turn the engine off and it starts no problem with half a kick. After being left for half an hour or so it won't start, back to square one.
    I took the carb to a carb man and he said the float was set too high, put a new float needle and seat valve in and adjusted it. He didn't want to attempt extracting the mixer screw.
    Got home put carb on and same problem, no better.
    I took the carb to an engineering motorbike garage to extract the screw but he wants another screw in his hand so he knows what size bit to use and can't guarantee he won't wreck the carb trying extraction regardless. I already knew this was a possibility. Problem is I'm not certain what carb it is and whether or not I'm best just replacing the carb or even if it's something else causing the problem. It's a flat mikuni with a 240 main jet in.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • Hello there,

    I found on my dt that it would never ever start, without the choke. Put the choke on and it starts first kick. As soon as I upgraded the carb, thag problem went away.

  • @Calum hi mate. Thanks for replying. choke is on. I've tried with choke on, choke off throttle wide open etc. Do you know what carb I could get that would fit a DTR 2002?

  • @runes sure there's a place I see that sells then new I think for 130 but eBay sells the old round slide carbs for 20 they should fit but I don't know for 💯

  • @declan thanks mate. Do you know what model I need to get for a DTR 2002?

  • @runes mikuni tm 28 I believe

  • @declan nice one I'll have a look now

  • @Calum what carb did you upgrade to mate?

  • @runes VHSA

  • @runes Sounds to me that the mixer screw is the problem, as the mixture is wrong. It's either rusted or been abused and consequently the engines fuel/air mixture is wrong. If the plug is getting wet, surely that's from over fueling and the engine running too rich? Which would cause the starting problem you are experiencing.

    I would get a new mixer screw fitted before doing anything else, so that you can adjust the mixture correctly and hopefully that should solve your problem. Then that way you will know for-sure if the engine's mix is correct and eliminate that from your suspected fault list before throwing a ton of cash on it. What RPM does the bike idle at???