Original exhaust

  • Found the original expansion pipe I thought was lost when I moved house, are the early ones restricted in any way? Also, do you have an opinion whether I should return the bike to the original colour(whatever that turns out to be) or keep raspberry red , been this colour since at least 1994. Ta

  • What do you want out the bike.

    Somethign special, or a nice example?

  • If your going for original then the original colour is a must change of colour defeats the whole idea of the rest being original

  • I agree to a point, now I have the history from DVLA colour change recorded in 1991, so only white for 3 years. God knows why it was changed, do have the owners address at the time but how likely is it they still live there? Be good to know though, same owner changed the engine 5 months later. The red is a great colour and as much as I like the white colour scheme the red is a real eye catcher. Maybe I will get the frame on the 89 powdercoated silver when I do it and swap it all over. Once done if I had to sell one it would be the white, no question, even with the worn panels. I think they call it age related patina! History from dvla very comprehensive, good value for a fiver, going to do the same for the 89

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