• Hi guys I have a 2000 dt 125 r and I've gutted stock exhaust and wanting to upjet and remove the snorkel what size should I be looking at getting? thanks in advance

  • @micheal-cox generally speaking you want to keep your snorkel and there isn't much need to upjet in my opinion

  • Unless younhave problem, you shouldn't need to upjet.

    If you are going down the performance route then you will want an aftermarket pipe anyway. Plus do away with the airbox completely.

  • @micheal-cox I actually have a 00'/01' DTR, so you should try...

    250 Main Jet.

    1 Notch richer with the Needle

    Snorkel off/with complete Dep system,.. should see the best result.

    The 99'-03' bikes are still a little lean from factory on the main jet,

  • 2strokes in general is jetted plenty rich, to make sure they dont seize.

    I run my 94 R with snorkel removed, and the airbox opened slightly more.
    Stock mainjet, and half a notch leaner on the needle. The mainjet is still plenty rich.

    Stock header, and aftermarked end can, otherwise stock.