• Hi,Sorry if this has been answered but I couldn't seem to find an answer to my question. Does DT exaust pipe(expansion chamber),like for example DEP fit to TDR or vice versa?

  • Whilst the pipe may mount up with the cylinder, the frames are different and I doubt the mounting points are the same.

    I haven't heard of the DTR pipes fitting correctly on the TDR, but I don't own a TDR.,

  • I personally doubt it but things can be made to fit @Mightyman might just might be able to shred some light on the matter he has a TDR I believe
    don't see why you would do this tho my understanding is dirtbike pipes are designed for low down power and road bike pipes are designed for top end power or do you mean under slung pipes for sm's

  • @terry-tz Well it's the same engine in the TDR's and they're not exactly savage bikes.

  • Depends which TDR you've got.

    If its the deltabox one then no as they have their own unique fit, where as the Italian ones are / appear identical to DT-R ones. The other bonus is that I doubt the Italian ones were ever restricted.