Belgarda Yamaha TDR125 3SH

  • Hi All,

    I've recently purchased a restored Italian TDR from ebay which I must commend the previous owners guide dog on giving it his best shot, but man its a dog itself. Note to self don't bid on ebay at midnight...

    I'm posting this from work so cant upload anything from here but in all honesty I'm too embarrassed to show anything until I'm at least ready to start rebuilding it from the ground up. Main issues (lol) at present include rough body kit, rusty forks / broken calliper mount and no YPVS servo. The bike did run (now in bits) but judging on the rest of the bike I'm not sure how 'rebuilt' its actually been so am reluctant to waste any money on it. My current plan is to drop a DT200R 3ET engine in as I'm off to France next month on holiday in my van if I can figure out their free-ads in Brittany.

    Anyways if anyone has any TDR stuff let me know as I probably need it!

    I'm also on the look out for a WR200 or DT200WR but wont get one from here as they are too highly sought after (ie expensive) but have owned a 200WR before along with numerous DT-R's and really regret selling the light and nimble 200 even if it did come with a moped size kickstart!!

    Cheers - Ben

  • just get some pics up would be good when it's finished and you can look back at how it started life again 2nd time lucky

  • Ohh 3SH!

    IMHO if it's a genuine 3SH with the belgarda engine and wheels, I would restore it.

    Definitely grab the 200 lump, although I believe it's the WR200 3XP engine you actually want. But the bike would be much more valuable as a genuine belgarda.

    But it definitely depends on what you want out of it.

    Let us see some photos to gain a greater understanding of what it is you're trying to tackle!

  • Its just a dirty pile of parts right now I'm afraid.

    The DT200R engine will fit in much easier than the WR and can have electric start and run lights etc. Any 200 lump will be hard to come by.

    Also going with 200R alloy swing arm as mine is scruffy and steel is very naff in comparison 🙂

  • @nottsbiker It really depends on what you want out the bike.

    It would be a shame not to restore a genuine 3SH to its former glory.

    That said if it's a bike you plan to keep and have a lot of fun on, a 200 lump is a nice way to go.

  • It's going to be a fun / work bike so will be built how i want it but to appear like Yamaha built it as a 200.

    Restorations are ok to a point but I don't want 100% authentic, rather improve a few bits along the way.

    Does anyone know the exact difference between the 125 and 200 motors? Assuming rod length etc and casing opening but anything else major??

  • @nottsbiker Cranks, rods, transmissions bore stroke inlet size. The exhaust pipe exits from a different angle as well I believe.

  • Thanks!

    Expected all of the above tbh so thats quite reassuring but didn't think the exhaust port came out anywhere different.

    There are some bottom ends in France for £250 delivered but cant see any cylinders for love nor money anywhere.

    Do people think the 125 clutch / primary drive etc are the same?

  • @nottsbiker Yeah the exhaust might not, I might be confused with the 2RH engines from the Old school UK Spec TZR's.

  • Think that the 2RH was only on the TZR125 = ??

  • @nottsbiker Yeah, that's what I said.

  • @calum

    Wish I had read this a few weeks ago, just broke a 93 one with 3 spoke wheels not the spoked wheels one. One mans junk and all that I threw a full set of good Black TDR belgarda bodywork in the skip along with its seat clocks fuel tank headlamps headlamp brackets etc.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh

  • Mines black but looks like it's been used for target practice by some hillbillies so mines probably getting junked.

    Looking at ebay europe at mo so will probably collect a full set over the winter from various different countries as just as cost effective as buying random panels here and having painted.

    Out in the sunshine today sanding the rust off my frame before treating it then storing until I can afford the rebuild. Got my airbox apart as well for cleaning and randomly someone's cut a bloody hole in the battery tray - wtf for i don't know.

  • @nottsbiker

    The K reg TDR125R belgarda is now a White n Pink DTR after a bit of modding to the frame it was a 3XE2 model, the wheels brakes forks and swinging arm are now on a 2001 DTR Hurricane Hanna replica

    This is the type we decked, bike was identical only wheels fork and swinging arm were painted black
    alt text

  • @scrimsmustang

    Ive done the conversion before on this 2002 DTR back in 2005 its just a bolt on job, this time ive removed all the unnecessary brackets from the forks.

    alt text

  • If I wanted the 3 spoke alloys I'd fit the same as in your pictures but mine are the first model spoked wheels and I quite like them. Unfortunately Yamaha back in the late 80's went with an 18 inch front rim which limits tyre choice so I'm probably going to have another rim laced onto my front hub as my wheels are ready to be done now. The standard rims are aluminium so it would be a good match to put a rear on the front hub.

    The swingarm on the later ones also suits the alloy wheels nicely but I can't make out if its steel or ally?

  • @nottsbiker I believe it's steel.

  • Shame its a nicer shape than stock but when / if I change something I like to upgrade a possibly save some weight.

  • @nottsbiker

    This swinging arm the one I have now is steel but the one on the Blue bike im sure was alloy ? Cant remember to be honest was years ago now but it came from the same type of bike..