New purchase 1990 dt125r

  • Hello everyone,
    Just brought myself a DT125R.
    Always wanted one since I was knocking around at 15 on my CB125 - finally got the cash to treat myself.

    Found on EBay
    UK registered from new, engine and frame numbers match.

    Bit scruffy, but perfect for me to fiddle around with at the weekends


    Not sure if I loaded the photo properly!

    Plenty of tidying to be done on the bike, electrics, decals, plastics, tank etc etc, but looking forward to it and coming here for advice!

  • welcome @ukchad not too shabby that for 27 whats on the clock

  • About 14,000 miles, but who knows for sure!

  • Rev counter wasn't working, so I brought a new cable.
    Taped the end to the old cable and pulled it through - hey presto, working rev counter.

    It's the little things!

    Also changed the oil and flushed radiator and added new coolant as was running quiet hot (just before red).

    Ordered a new seat cover, plastics and decals. Getting here next week.

  • @ukchad so it's had a garaged life most probably then

  • Had a lot of owners, but I would guess garaged, yeah.
    Was def kept in a garage from the bloke I brought it from for the last 5 years.

    Still has some niggles that I will tackle one by one,
    Got hot again today, so going to check coolant levels (only changed 2 weeks ago)
    Back brake's pretty rubbish and spongy
    Poor electrics mean that the headlights pretty much useless in dusk/night time
    Badly resprayed tank means petrol lifting paint

    I don't know anything about Engines/electrics but I'm practical enough to learn - Haynes manuals arrived to help me through

  • @ukchad sound like a man with a plan :simple_smile:

  • get that build thread up

  • Actually had a go at turning the power valve around today - 180 degrees so the top of it was flush with the manifold.

    Took it out and I thought I had knackered it.... until I hit 7000 rpm OMG

  • Bike getting hot could be headgasket.

  • @ukchad mines wide open it's a bit annoying some times but ye its fun
    @Jens-Eskildsen ye people put them on the wrong way round right

  • Yeah, the head gasket is on my radar.
    The oil looked ok when I changed it - so did the coolant, but I will check the consistency tomorrow.
    How big a job is it to do the head gasket for a garage? Ball park cost? I think that may be a stage too far for me to do yet.

    I actually put the power valve back to original position as the exhaust got very hot very quickly (smoking from end after I stopped after a 5 min blast)

  • @ukchad might aswell throw a new piston in there while our at it

  • Head refurb really straightforward, just get a decent gasket set, take your time and follow the manual. Did mine while I had the engine out, takes no time really. Nice bike, gotta save these old ones😁

  • @ukchad head is easy best done with a torque wrench thou if you're willing to buy one

  • Another tool to purchase, but I do love having them.

  • @ukchad said in New purchase 1990 dt125r:

    I actually put the power valve back to original position as the exhaust got very hot very quickly (smoking from end after I stopped after a 5 min blast)

    haha I would say leave it open its boring closed I could fall asleep riding if it was not wide open 😁 but I will say I have seen threads where there is a bit of controversy so think it's best you know how your bike runs first so you will tell if it rich or lean through the rev range

  • @ukchad 0_1502570106995_IMG_1486.JPG

    Another 1990 welcome! Ignore the sticker bomb and the rear wheel got a puncture in my wheel and chipped paint underneath the sticker bomb lol

  • @declan coming on that is Declan

  • Here's one I prepared earlier !


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