• Ello,
    Having troubles with my DT losing power whenever I try set off. Engine bogs down, feels like there is no power and I have to rev more than usual to be able to get going. Once moving along the bike seems fine and it idles at 1,100-1,200rpm or so with little fluctuation. Cleaned the airbox and put a new air filter in, cleaned the carb twice as well and it hasn't helped.

    Anyone got any ideas on what it could be as I've never gone further than cleaning a carb.

  • @minia nine will do this if I haven't revved it hard to clean out the 2stroke oil

  • You running without the snorkel?

  • @calum What exactly is the snorkel? The way I understand it is it has something to do with the powervalve? I did think it could be that, but I don't believe it could cause the bike to stall? Then again I'm not a mechanic, so maybe I should give it a check. And otherwise I'm pretty sure it is in, the bike is completely stock.

  • @minia Snorkel is the little breather on top of the airbox.

    Removing this disrupts the airflow coming into the airbox causing the bike to have a "Deep" sound, but a side effect is it bogs out.

    People think it's a derestriction etc, but really they are just making the bike worse.

  • @calum From what I remember it still has it then, but I'll give it a look when I can.

  • @minia We're just starting off simple to begin with.

  • @calum Hello Calum,
    Went to the garage yesterday to have a look at the airbox. Air filter is very clean, considering it's brand new, and a bit oily with a smell of petrol which is good. I believe it has a snorkel if you mean the oval rubber tube that comes out of the top under the seat. Other than that I couldn't find any other hole or leak.

    If you can give me a list of things to check in order then I can have a better look and take some pictures if need be as my garage is not next to my house. The bike is scheduled for an MOT and service on Thursday anyway so if I find nothing I'll have a chat with the guys there.

    Pictures below, couldn't seem to get them working.

    link text

    link text

  • @minia I'd check the spark plug, fuel, iginition coil, generator windings, crank seals, boost bottle seal, air boot seal, intake manifold seal, compression test, sniff test, gearbox oil. For starters.

  • @calum Cheers, I'll give what I can a look.