bike withdrawals are gone and been replaced with minor crash damage

  • hahaha I came off and got away with it very very lucky

  • @terry-tz oh jeez . Are you all good ? What about bike?

  • @zrako ye am good as I said very very lucky bikes not too bad twisted clamps and rear indicator I think that is it really il look tomorrow and see the damage

  • I must say it hurts I don't recommend anyone doing it anytime soon

  • What happened bud!

  • so basically I was just going out for a midnight blast as we so stupidly do from time to time got a bit too happy on the gas while on a country road with sharp bends started setting up for the corner too late so tryed to brake while leaning right into the corner which pat on the back i think I did well 😏 felt the nobbly's and realised I was not going to make it so I picked the bike back up with brake and then let go and accepted it the bike just I think has gone up on its front and fell sideways hardly any damage twisted folks broke leaver indicator shrubs in my tyre bead like how does that even happen ??? ??? not checked for buckles yet all panels are good amazingly bit or damage to clocks and a loose wire or to I think so lucky as hell I was catapulted off as the bike hit the ditch gone flying ✈ landed into a roll 2x not even a scratch on my helmet don't think I even have any bruises but all my right side is achy and all my arm and hand is swollen no broken bones been checked so considering the speed and the location I am extremely lucky and I personally as much as I should not have been in the situation I think I handled it the best way possible it could have been so much worse as I have now gear at the moment no jacket or anything jeans and hoodie is all

  • also, I would just like to also say a car passed me I waved at it and everything it didn't even bother it kept on driving and yet my bike was in the middle of the road as at this point I have dragged it from the field and like I said I'm on a country road so the car had to slow down to pass me

  • Ah never!

    Yeah mate we've all been there to some greater or lesser extent.

    Out of all the modifications to my bike, the brakes are what pleases me the most. Stops on a dime! But then four pot calipers so you'd expect that.

  • @calum no brakes were stopping me I was being stupid and pushing myself I really am amazed at how lucky I have been I was a good distance from the bike

  • as you can see its just one of them chicanes we love to push our selfs on maybe we all should not get so confident on the roads close to home there the ones most likely to take us all my friends and fam that have gone this way were a few miles from home and some on country lanes all i'm trying to say is take a moment to think about them roads we use every day and get a bit silly on in reality mistakes are easily made and we don't control the consequences by no means am I saying ride like a granny or how your mother tells you 😂 😂 but just take a minute to think of the possibilities that could happen on them roads where we have too much confidence

    0_1503592988124_corner crash.png

  • I consider my self a safe rider even though I cane it everywhere I always make sure I can stop if I round a corner and there's a hazard I have enough breaking time

  • @declan your very lucky matey and I'm glad your alright maybe some nice road tyres coujd be a good upgrade?0_1503601245671_IMG_1532.JPG

    I just brought that for 45 nice and knobbly but the sides are on a slant for really good corner grip on road not fitted yet but is a real nice tyre

  • @declan cross that bridge when I need them not like it was the tyres fault

  • Learn by your mistakes, we all do, learnt my lesson a long time ago and realise there is a time and place for everything, including riding "enthusiastically "

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