• Hello All,


    So I know I keep spouting on about the updates to the forum, and yes these things take time.

    I am not even through the first stages of these updates, but I've got plenty of ideas about what could be useful things to have.

    I will take this opportunity to give a shout out to @Arite who has been spending time heading up designs for some of the systems more complicated features.

    Scalar Vector Graphics

    One of the things that I have been working on however, has started to take shape over the last couple of days.

    The ability to view the parts diagram is no doubt an extremely useful feature, and it's probably one of the only reasons I use websites such as Fowlers.

    I figured as this is the place for DTR's that we should in fact have our very own exploding diagrams.

    Unlike all of the other parts diagrams available, I have instead opted to make these graphics Scalar Vector. Essentially what this means is that as you zoom in on the image, the image will redraw itself. This results in a crystal clear image every time.

    Don't believe me?

    Have a look at our Logo

    Use Ctrl and the mouse wheel to zoom in on the image. Notice how it doesn't lose resolution

    Integration With the DTR Forum

    With that cleared up then, how is this going to be incorporated to the DTR forum.

    I have created a dedicated section for these images to be stored.

    Users will be able to navigate to this section, select the vehicle they're interested in, select the part, then explore the diagram in infinite detailing.


    The beauty of having it in our community is that I have made it so that the parts are linkable to other members.

    From the URL you can specify the bike and part that you are viewing, allowing you to help other members with the high resolution graphics.


    This part is far from complete yet, there is still lots to do. I presume many users will be using their mobile devices, as such these high resolution images may impede performance. Work needs to be done to minimise the network payload too.


    Since the SVG's total to around 120Mb per bike, I will have to ensure that alternatives are provided for those of you on lower power devices.


    This is still very much in early days yet, the ideas will get revised and the layouts shuffled, but I feel that it's a feature worth investing time into.

    I shall continue to make good progress on the extension to this forum, in due course time I will be releasing updates to this forum that should help keep the community alive.

    Comments welcome.

  • @calum good idea, will be making use of this in future, thanks Calum

  • @Calum sounds good for sure

  • Looks good

    I'm always on Fowlers and CSMNL looking at their exploded diagrams

  • Global Moderator

    Certainly a unique idea Calum, will be very handy for plenty of members. 👍

    I was a bit confused when I saw this thread's title as I was wondering what on earth SVGs could possibly be useful for besides the logos.

  • Jeez, how have I still not done this. Most of the SVG stuff is implemented now. I was just adding some mechanism so you can zoom and drag the image as you like.

    alt text

    I have spent many hours compiling all of the parts I could find for both the R and RE then making them completely scalable. So you should be able to examine the parts in infinite detail now.

  • @calum man this is pretty fancy stuff good work mate

  • Brilliant, thanks Calum, appreciate the effort taken

  • @oldman Honestly, I am building this RS and I have literally AJSutton exploading parts open wishing they were SVGs, I know this tool will be useful to restorers who want to know how it all fits together.