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  • Dep exhaust jetting

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    I’m pretty sure everything’s on the stock set up on the carb although the pilot screw is at 1 and 1/2 turns out I’m planning on doing a top end rebuild and maybe getting the cylinder wall honed if it needs it but I’m gonna keep the standard 56mm bore also putting some boysen reeds in it to make it a bit more responsive

    my mates got a 1988 model with a hand welded pipe from Portugal and with reeds and no snorkel and I think he went Down to 230 main jet and standard on everything else so I’ll keep mine on the 240 and see what’s it’s like after I’ve done it he said the reeds make it a bit richer so may have to go down a few

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    Only real way to do it is to troll the breakers yards. Not easy in these flooweey times 😜 If you find out anything let us know...

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    @calum said in Athena 170 porting:

    @lllDennis I read that the port timings were off by 3mm because apparently the barrel was based off a dtr200. How true that is...

    Would love to see before and after dyno pulls though. See how the stock Athena compares to a modified one.

    I have compared Athena 170 kit vs 3MB P (and 2RH) cylinders, the only 2 things that's off the athena kit is the piston taller than the stock,the ports are exact copy off the 3MB just a bit wider and the c port is little lower and matches more a 2RH cylinder

    The 170 is a mix between the 200cc casing (for the cooling canals and ypvs location) and 125 portmap internally.I searched for a piston that has the dimensions of the 56mm and with bore of 65mm but there is not,only some aftermarket forged that are max 61mm have the right piston height (pin to top).

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    So leave the carburettor and oil pump cable alone, the cable from the junction box to the throttle tube is like 50cm long (if that). That's the only one you need to worry about.

    I run a YZ85 throttle tube on my DT.