Is that a DT?

  • Next weekend I start a full overhaul of my 2002 DT125R.

    It's had many people work on it in the past. Some have done some good jobs, many have done bad jobs.

    Standing in good light from the right angle she actually looks quite pretty, although remarkably unlike a DT. So, let's start there.
    alt text

    As you get closer, you start to notice what this bike really is.
    alt textalt text
    alt text

    In this thread I'll be documenting the full project. I'll be focusing on images rather than text as I know it's far more fun to page through a rebuild photo by photo than reading me writing. I'll be relying on you guys a lot for your knowledge so hopefully this will keep you entertained enough to keep helping me.

    For the sake of setting the stage I will explain the goals of the project, what I want the bike to be, along with some of the big milestones which I need to reach to get there.

    I want the bike to

    • be a lightweight TOY for me to enjoy.
    • be roadworthy
    • handle some light enduro as I want to join an enduro club just a little out of London and use this initially.
    • have some quick swap wheels for road use without needing to mess around with calipers too much or change tyres.
    • be clean, legit and free from all janky 5 minute solutions. I dont like rust, horns attached to radiator mounts with cable ties, wood keeping number plates attached, etc. etc. etc.

    To get to that point I have a few major tasks to get past:

    • Bike needs to be entirely stripped and documented - (I will forget where things go)
    • Engine needs to be rebuilt - (I'd like to keep the 170 kit if possible, I'll be trying this myself, but will be the most I have ever done on a bike)
    • Frame needs to be treated and power coated - (Not sure if this is feasible in a home garage without expesive sandblasters etc)

    Thanks for looking, enjoy the pictures as they come weekend by weekend.

  • SO, some small time passed.

    Bike has been partially stripped. Feels good to get all the Faux retro crap off.
    DT strip 2.jpg

    Then, I got stuck at the bolt which holds the swing arm and engine to the frame.
    Corresponding nut came off with some encouragement, but nothing I can do is getting that bolt out. WD40 overnight, block of wood and a hammer and it hasn't budged.
    I'm planning to throw it in the back of my van sometime and get my mechanic to give it a go. I think normally, where those flat plates are, you would have raised standoffs. The other problem is that I'll now need to fabricate a seat (I got rid of the old school one before seeing this)

    The other problem is someone has been messing with the frame. I'm actually pretty gutted about this. I'm on the tall side, so a lower seat is far from ideal. I considered getting rid of all my DT stuff when I saw this, but I'll keep going and maybe put some jack up links on when I'm done if it's too low.

  • place holder for pt 2

  • place holder for pt 3

  • place holder for pt 4

  • place holder for pt 5

  • place holder for pt 6

  • place holder for pt 7

  • place holder for pt 8

  • Is that the original fuel tank?

  • @ricky0115 No, I beleive that is off an SR 125. It has a high tech lock system fitted involving a screwdriver and hammer.

    One of these little guys:
    alt text

  • Very nice, I wonder what other tanks would fit the dtr frame!

  • @ricky0115 I guess "fit" is a bit of a variable. It has been made to stick to the frame. We'll see how that was done when I get it off. I'm not sure if I'll put it back on. I'd like something far smaller.

    I can see in old CBT it got an advisory for "tank rubbers".

  • My local sand blaster charges approx £60 to do a frame and swing arm which makes it a no brainer over doing it yourself if you don't have the appropriate kit.

    Your bike looks like someone has tried to jump on the current band wagon of the retro scrambler but missed the mark by a long way.

    Your bike should be relatively easy to return to DTR style if all the original brackets etc are still present.

  • @nottsbiker ah just what I need, do you have a contact number for this blaster? Struggling to find one in Nottingham

  • @ricky0115 any powder coaters or painters will do sand blasting

  • @ricky0115 said in Is that a DT?:

    @nottsbiker ah just what I need, do you have a contact number for this blaster? Struggling to find one in Nottingham

    This is who i use;

    Website is all cars but they do bike stuff for cash. If you know Nottingham they are near the Virgin Media HQ on the Colwick loop road.

  • @finnerz89 Mine don't lmao.

    They have to send it away. But yes, they offer that service, but don't do it personally.

  • @calum that sounds like a royal pain in the arse 🤣

  • @nottsbiker perfect thanks mate

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