Can not get this bike to idle!

  • There has to be something I’m missing, I’ve completely rebuilt the engine with all Athena gaskets and torqued everything down, kicks up first time on choke but as soon as I let the choke off it dies. The carb has been cleaned and had new jets & new gaskets. The only change I’ve made is putting an oil pump on!? I’m also getting a nasty screeching sound possibly from the stator area. This thing is ruining me lol I’m soon to give up and sell it!

  • Well it shouldn't screech, so sort that out.

    The bike should warm up before turning the choke off. I.E. can you start it up and leave it running with the choke. after 60 seconds does the idle drop off and stall.

    My bike never started without choke when the engine was cold, no matter what time of year.

    It's just the warm up procedure.

  • @calum had the choke on for more than 60 seconds. Screech was the water pump impeller, seal wasn’t pushed in fully!

  • @ricky0115 Sound.

    So you've sorted the screeching out. It not just starts and idles.

    What happens if you leave the choke on and leave the bike alone.

    Does it just tick over indefinitely.

    Can you ride the bike, does it bog out. It might just need the air mixture screw adjusting bud,

  • @calum it will idle fine and it sounds about right rpm, I tried adjusting the screws but they’re so sensitive to movement it’s unreal. I’m going to try the idle screws again tomorrow when I have someone to keep it alive whilst I alter them, I will keep you updated. Cheers Calum

  • @ricky0115 Sounds to me like an air leak, they shouldn't be that sensitive.

    If you dab the throttle does the RPM's go crazy.

    You have routed the cable correctly haven't you. It's not caught on anything?

  • @calum no the rpms are steady not jumpy or erratic when applying throttle it responds as expected, the top screw I have 1 1/4 turns out and the bottom one is 2 1/2 turns

  • Does it still die once the engine is hot?
    My bike always needs the choke for about 10 sek or so and then I can turn it off. Still needs another 30 sek before I can drive off.

  • @irongamer727 I had the choke on about 3 minutes, I darent leave it on too long lol

  • I'd check the pilotjet for debris

  • @jens-eskildsen it’s been cleaned and new main an new pilot.

  • 0_1507907897729_4FE79F26-5624-41F6-A3A3-F16017A5DA0F.jpeg

    This is my water pump impeller with the pump seal welded to it, I bought the Athena seal from PJME and I didn’t realise it didn’t fit correctly till I fired up my bike and this is what was screeching so I would advise if replacing the water pump seal use OEM!

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