Things that need doing when refitting engine

  • Need to refit my engine after it's rebuild there's a few things I m
    Not sure about thought I would ask about all of the issues in one place

    How do you set up the oil pump ( I need to refit the cable ) an bleed it an check that it's working
    An same with radiator

  • I've never really needed to bleed the oil pump myself. It's not a closed system and should bleed itself.

    You will need to wait for the air to be drawn through the pipes.

    Personally, I run clear hose from the pump to the inlet.

    I the run my first cycle on premix fuel, it's going to smoke loads since the engine should have been wellmlubed upon assembly. Plus the added oil, plusnthe pump.

    The radiator doesn't have a bleed system, I just fire it up and let it idle, adding water as necessary.

  • As above but I did bleed pump, make sure to use coolant in water system and it clears itself, get it warm so thermostat opens with the cap off. Haynes manual tells you how to set oil pump up or check online. Mine is set up a bit high following rebuild but will readjust after a few hundred miles

  • You will need to bleed it if you disconnected the pipe from oil tank to pump. Its easy , on the side of pump is small blind rubber pipe with clip . Let bike idle , and put some clean container under the pump then pull that hose ,oil will leak uneven , manually turn the oil pulley to full , when oil leaking nice and even there should be no air in it. Then just refit the small pipe and clip and thats it. Tip the oil back in tank 👍🏼
    Best to have the clear pipes