Service the PV servo?

  • Hi.
    Have anyone disassebled the PV servo and maybe oiled/greased it? If it's possible, I will give it a go. Mine seems to sound like it's struggling a little more than it should, and don't turn the valve back and forth as fast as I see in videos. It's not the cables/valve, I checked this when I reassembled the bike after rebuilding the engine, the servo still sounds 'unhappy' even without the cables on.

  • Sounds like the motors on its way out, or not enough juice is being supplied to it. What year is your biike?

  • @calum Good point, I could start by checking the voltage at the PV. It's a '95.

  • @mdn91 So the older bikes have a weaker electrical system. They beefed it up on the RE models. But the first place I'd check is make sure all the voltages are good. Check the battery and connections etc etc.

  • @calum mines not too fast it’s about normal but I’ve saw ones on eBay that are like lightening @MDN91 from experience if the pv is struggling the cables are a little too tight it doesent take much to make it struggle

  • I have a pv that is slow as he'll, won't be fitting, did strip, clean and lubricate but no change. Does work just soooooo slow, voltages correct, assume motor u/s

  • i have a 5 wire servo for sale £25 posted if its any good to you

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