DT 125 RE Custom Graphics ideas

  • Hi, I'm currently rebuilding my DT 125 RE from the ground up, frames been powdercoated black and the plastics are black currently, I'm fitting wr 426 forks on it right now and then will strip it all down and send bits like triple clamps off for powdercoating. I'm completely stuck on colour schemes and graphics though. I was originally going with a Yamaha anniversary yellow theme and custom graphics from motocal, but now I'm starting to like red, and the new blue the MT etc has this year. Would be great if you lads could shoot me some ideas, doesn't need to be a DT or even an enduro style bike, just what bikes have a one off theme that you like?


  • @glynn123 hmm what about a cross between the fz07 grey and the mt blue? So a mix of the both

  • So I remember when I was doing mine, I knew I wanted black and red, but didn't know how red I wanted to go.

    I remember seeing this companies products and was sold.

    alt text

    alt text

    But my ideas matured, this was before monster on things was overused.

    TMX make the below kit.More subtle colour schemes.

    alt text

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