Dead electrics 88

  • Last year I had a "moment" where everything was dead on turning the ignition key, nothing, no lights, indicators etc? Removed side panel and checked battery and wiring there and it all kicked back in to life. Could not find any fault and all was fine after until now. Have been busy with the 89 for a while and now waiting for decals so thought I would fit new battery to the 88 I bought a couple of months ago (motobatt). Charged before fitting and replaced fuse holder link while I was at it, turned it on and off a few times and all good, power valve rotating no problem. 5 mins later all dead when I turned on, checked all wiring with multimeter at battery and all good but no sign of life. Stripped bodywork this eve and started at headstock, could not find any fault and everything dead. Removed tank and released cables from clip and all came back to life. Went through every connector in that are with contact cleaner and brushes as assumed poor connection somewhere. All seemed good then it all died again, checked all the connectors 1 by 1 and nothing until I disturbed power valve cable then started working again. Could not see why power valve would stop anything working but changed for spare (bnib) and worked fine for 5 mins then everything dead again. Manipulated loom in that area and all started working again and that's where I am, I think I either have a fault in the loom or could the cdi be playing up? Having a brew now and going back in to try again, all connectors in that area clean as my stuff usually is even before I started as spent almost a day going through the loom when I rebuilt the bike last year. I have a spare cdi I could try and want to resolve if I can, don't want to be left stranded somewhere. Any suggestions welcome, ta

  • I had a similar problem with my dt. The connections at the ignition barrel that meets the loom had completely corroded. Had to brllet crimp it back together.

  • Was it a new loom or the original? Could be a broken wire. You could try a continuity check while wiggling the cables in turn

  • @calum said in Dead electrics 88:

    I had a similar problem with my dt. The connections at the ignition barrel that meets the loom had completely corroded. Had to brllet crimp it back together.

    It's a new barrel and all connections sound in that area, it failed again and I can get it working by wiggling loom below tank area. Swapped cdi so it's not that, while I can get it working by manipulating loom (gently) in that area cannot replicate fault by doing the same when it's working. I have a new loom I was saving for the other 88 rebuild coming up so I think I will swap them over then I can strip old loom easily to find what's going on, suspect main feed from battery broken/damaged.
    The cdi I have from the upcoming 88 differs from mine (also an 88) in that a pair of blue wires are not present, will have to look through wiring diagram to find what they are unless someone knows.
    Could be looms changed in same model year or my red 88 has had another loom fitted?

  • Looks like the loom on my red 88 is not the original therefore I don't have a spare, have new one (3db) that will be fine for the next rebuild, suspect loom was changed at same time as engine change in 1991(3rn). Will have to repair the one on the bike now, joy!

  • @oldman I'd have to look at the diagram, but there is only going to be a few cables that will cause this type of fault. So with it stripped off the bike, it shouldn't be too hard to find.

    But I don't know if doing it whilst on the bike would make it easier.

    My experience tells me that it'll be one of the wires from the ignition barrel to the loom. Since this is located around the headstock, they often get twisted and crunched over the years, it's the most likely to go wrong.

    Furthermore, the battery cables tend to be thicker and less prone to failure.

    I can't imagine it being the CDI, since the lights and what not are not controlled by the CDI to my knowledge.

  • Appears to be where loom threads through frame near ignition coil, going to strip later and see what I find

  • @oldman Yeah mate, that's not surprising really for the reasons described above.

  • Stripped loom back from rear of bike and removed loom tape, bit of a mess really but damaged cable(black) only visual fault, goes to power valve. Cannot see that killing power. Going to remove completely and test for resistance and clean up what you see. A longer job than I thought but there you go, at least it's still winter!0_1516648437261_20180122_185719-576x1024.jpg 0_1516648449515_20180122_185910-576x1024.jpg 0_1516648462961_20180122_184536-576x1024.jpg

  • @oldman Wow, okay was not expecting that. Someones done a number on that loom.

    Best get that soldering iron out and heatshrink, do a proper job on it.

  • That's the problem with a bike near on 30 years old. Guess when engine changed in 1991 loom was changed to suit, would originally been 3bn now 3rm. Was expecting to see limited damage and a relatively easy repair, as if!! Going to set aside some time to sort properly, probably weekend now, busy week ahead.

  • @oldman how hard is it to make a loom from scratch anyone know?

  • @declan Do you know what you're doing. It's not hard if you're following the wire diagram. It just takes some know how of the system you're trying to replicate. I had a mate who made a wiring loom for his DT back in the day.

  • Given the materials and correct connectors would be happy to give it a go with a pattern unmolested original to follow. Commercially not an option for me, the amount of time needed a non starter, will test and repair my own, will be as good as new anyway

  • Found the problem, just twisted together, had high resistance so stripped loom further back towards battery and saw this horror show. Quality!0_1516736968000_20180123_192609-576x1024.jpg

  • Nice, glad you found the culprit anyhow. Looks like you were right to begin with then...towards the battery.

  • Wire corroded back under insulation , had to cut back about 25mm both ways, stripped loom tape back and found another poor join. Just testing loom through now, badly cut about, and poorly repaired before. Glad it came to light now tbh, would hate to be doing this in the warmer months, had an unexpected cancellation today hence able to repair now.

  • It was a lucky guess Calum, three wires in that joint, one to regulator rectifier and other to ignition. Could be what caused my reg/rec to fail last year. Thankfully seems to be fine after testing, could have been a disaster thinking about it. Just got to refit and put back together, thanks for advice. To be honest could not tell loom had been opened before or would have had a look last year when I was cleaning the loom up. Should not have to worry about it now.

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