DT 125 RE Supermoto Build

  • It's winter again, which means my DT is spread across the workshop.
    Going for some more power for next season, plans are 32mm carb, some porting work, fresh piston and zeeltronic cdi
    My box of goodies arrived today meaning I can start work
    alt text
    32mm Polini reworked PWK carburetor and some Jets to play with
    alt text
    I'm really happy with how this carburetor is built, one of the best I have seen in person and I've tried new Mikunis etc
    alt text
    alt text
    Even managed to fit the carb in the standard DT rubber without any modification! Although it was very tight.
    alt text
    While I had the carb off I decided it was time to fit the carbon fiber reeds I've had laying around for over a year, doubt they make much of a difference but wont do any harm
    alt text
    I got the carb in and the bike runs happily on choke, although it does sound lean to me, which I expected. It won't run at all off choke but will be swapping out the pilot jet after work tomorrow for more experimentation

  • This is gold let us know how you get on I'm doing the exactly the same thing over the coming weeks so this may be verry helpfull 😂👌

  • @Glynn123 Polini carb looks mint bud, the workmanship is much better than Dellorto's. How much did it set you back???

  • @stinkwheeler will do mate, sadly doesn't seem as if anyone has tried this carburetor, or at least nobody has wrote about the process online. Shame really as there is a lot of great budget options with the PWK carburetor. I was recommended to use them by 2Stroke stuffing and BARacing. Only problem I'm finding so far is the standard airbox boot is too small for the carb, so I'm looking at buying some hose and making something up so that I can still use the standard airbox.

  • @NINJA it was on sale for about £110 on Racing Planet mate, and I think about £20 worth of Jets ontop of that, bargain I'd say

  • @Glynn123 Yeah that's a damn good price indeed!!! 👍🏻

  • @Glynn123 Heat gun and some leverage mate. We fitted a Kehin 38mm inlet manifold to the Stock DTR Air box way back when. So it's definitely doable.

  • @Calum ah right I'll give that a shot tomorrow aswell then! My boot has slight splits about a couple mm long on the end where it clamps on the carb, and the outer is about the same size as the actual carb inlet haha

  • @Glynn123 I'd be inclined to get a new one. Any split there may allow unfiltered air through, and/or water/

    Also when you try to stretch it you may cause the cracks to get worse.

    Pretty sure I bought a brand new one for like 10er. Was a while ago now though.

  • @Calum I'll take another look tomorrow too see how bad it is, can't remember too much over memory haha, if it's bad I'll get on fowlers

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