DT gearing and safe cruising speeds

  • After my winter rebuild I've took my DTRE for an mot, all went great on the 40 mile round trip but I'm just wondering on what's a safe cruising speed revs wise. I've got the enduro sprocket on the rear with my Supermoto wheels, front sprockets a 16t and I think the rears 49? I done some research and aparently standard DTX rear sprocket is 47t?
    The bike cruised okay and the ypvs valve was just opening at around 50mph, so I reckon at 60 I'll be sitting at 8000 ish revs? Is this a safe cruising revs for a long run or should I raise my gearing to suit?

  • Yeah that's fine at 8K RPM, just blip the throttle now and then and don't shut it off when slowing down.

    I used to ride daily on dual carriage ways at 70 with no issues. Bikes are great in stock trim, once you modify you then start to run the risk for reliability, but provided it's stock that'll be sound.

  • @calum all standard apart from Romeu pipe and upjet mate, cheers 👌

  • 16 front and 57 back is stock from what I know. That's what my dtx has.

  • @irongamer727 Yeah thats what I read online, ive got a 16t front and 49t rear, seems to cruise good at 50 odd but 60 just felt like it was screaming a little with the pv open, but I guess these things can take it.

  • I always gear mine as heavy as possible (without sacrifising acceleration in 6th gear) for extended road-use, to keep the revs down.
    Also, it sucks to ride in the rpm range where the ypvs opens and closes.
    I have 520 sprockets, so they dont compare to the stocker. But 16/49sounds a bit like a 520 conversion? 16/59 is about stock as I recall, so going down 10 teeth in stock size is a big step if thats what you've done

    Stock gearing is actually quite good for a bit of everything.

    I wouldnt run mine at 8000rpms day ina nd day out, but the bike will probably handle it just fine

  • Yeah I've made a mistake haha, I have 59t rear and 16t front, it's very low geared so ordered a 17t front sprocket for a test since it was only £4 and I shouldn't have to cut the chain, will see how it goes but the bike pulls very strong up to 140kmh right now and wheelies on throttle sitting forward in 1st so hopefully it should have the grunt to pull enough in 6th with new sprocket.

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