Clutch issue?

  • Yo. I did an oil change back in October or so since I didnt know how long the previous oil had been in the bike for and for the fact that I felt once the bike had warmed up the gears could take a bit more effort to actually click in. Well I did the oil change back then and it resulted in silky smooth gear changing. However in the past few weeks I've noticed once my bike is well warmed up and I've done a couple miles the gears can be quite hard to go through.

    Its not any particular gear, when cold I can go through all 6 gears and neutral no problem, no clutch slip or anything and with minimal effort but once warmed up it seems to turn into a bit of a pain. I always use the clutch as well, I dont short shift on the DT.

    I have 10w40 in the bike at the moment. Is it worth changing the oil to a thinner based oil or getting oil specifically for 2-stroke clutch or what? What are people running with?


  • Motul transoil 10w40 works great in my DT, I had slipping problems on a new clutch with regular 10w40

  • Can't say I've ever had issues with the clutch on the DT. Other than poor assembly and Magnetec oils.

    Might be worth checking the springs to see if they're within tolerance.

  • Used 10w40 gear oil in mine with no issues, did replace clutch in 89 and suspect original plates contaminated as very "sticky" when I got them out

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