Black Widow Exhausts

  • As per the title has anyone tried any of their pipes and what were your experiences with them?

  • Nah man, what you wanting it for?

  • They seem good quality, my mate has one on an mt 125, sounds good without db killer for about half an hour then just annoying. But as does any 125 4t with aftermarket exhaust.

  • @calum I just found them on-line and wondered if they were any good or not?

  • You can't really say if a exhaust is good just looking at the brand. They have a lot of different models. But i've heard a lot of good things about them for 125cc 4-strokes atleast.

  • @bananper I don't get fitting an exhaust to a 125 four stroke. They sound ridiculously loud and look silly.

    I guess that's the same view people have about tuning 125 two strokes.

    Although that said, was at the British MX Championship on the weekend and I swear the 125 two strokes looked so much more elegant than the 250 four bangers.

    They just looked nimble and quick.

    But the cream of the crop had to be the 450F class. They were savage!

    0_1522696032936_WhatsApp Image 2018-04-01 at 18.08.10.jpeg

  • @calum a good exhaust on a 125. Unlocks the bike but I’ve hear the wr 125 and the rc 125 big bore exhaust and no joke they are louder than a 450 can’t stand them a good exhaust isn’t overly loud they are perfect it’s the stupid Subaru size exhausts that are stupidly loud

  • @calum I'm not fan of 4-strokes either, i love the crisp sound of a 2-stroke motorcross over anything, the pipes looks 10 times better than the 4strokers aswell. 450's are sick tho, and in fact for mx the 4-strokes have a benefit because of the powerband being so consistent in a way.

    My friend put a leovince exhaust on his mt125, it looked a lot slimmer and sounded better than the stock one. Sounds nice in the beginning but after listening to it for a while it turns into being annoying :P.

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