New bike! Benelli BN302

  • So I got my A2 license and been browsing for a simple urban four-stroke that I could use when I just want to go that little bit further than the DT. Ideally as a Yamboy I was looking at an MT07 or even an MT03. But I'm very picky on the colours and besides that it was too expensive for me to afford. So I ended up browsing gumtree for other options and I just happened to have discovered and found that Benelli were back and there was one for sale 1 hour away from me. So looked at the reviews and decided to go see it. Gave it a good look around, checked the tax, insurance etc and I came to the decision that I'd buy. So low and behold, the Benelli BN302!

    Honestly I think it is the best looking 300 on the market and comes with nice features. Upside-down forks with adjustable dampening, single side-mounted shock absorber with adjustable dampening. Single brembo disk at the back, dual brembo front disks at the front. Digital speedo and standard tachometer. Full LED lighting. Engine is a 300cc 38hp DOHC in-line twin, plenty power to enjoy for me and it likes high revs up to 11k. It's the cheapest 300 out there but actually has a lot to offer. The only 2 downsides really is the weight, it's almost 200kg! Very different to the DT for sure and also I find it relatively low. Then again I am 6 foot tall and have long legs so... make of that what you will.

    2015 model so no ABS, but I've never had a bike with ABS so I'm really not fussed about it. Only ~4800 miles.




  • @minia Looks similar to the Bandit, but with a more cafe racer look - nice ride. :thumbs_up_light_skin_tone:

  • Wow, they seriously weigh that much!

    That's edging on 300kgs with the fuel and rider weight.

    Not being funny, but that's gotta affect the Power to weight ratio.

    I was looking at the 125 of these, they look properly smart.

    It's a lovely looking bike nevertheless.

    I really ought to get a bigger bike lol. Make use of actually having done my license all them years ago.

  • @calum The bike dry is 185kg, so with oil and fuel you're probably looking at 195kg. On top of that I'm 6 foot tall but only weigh 58kg, so that's 253kg plus the gear, yeah I'd say 255-260kg. It is without a doubt a heavy bike for me.

    Honestly, if you had a drag race against my dt125r. The DT would fly off the start compared to the Benelli. But I wouldn't compare, they are two different machines which I definetely both enjoy. My DT is still in the garage! It would take a lot for me to sell her off.

  • @minia Wow Minia, you're pretty light, or I'm pretty fat lol!

    Nah I think it's a sweet bike man.

  • @minia Are there any aftermarket parts you could swap out, or loose a few bits - which would shed a few lbs???

  • @ninja I had a look and there is the simple stuff like mirrors, footrests, levers, exhaust pipe etc. But the main reason it weighs so much and costs so little... is the chassis and swing-arm. Old fashioned tubular steel. No aluminium. And you can't really swap those out...

  • @minia Well that's a shame for-sure.

  • @ninja Aye. But honestly it does handle its weight well once you're on the go and it counter-steers beautifully. And if they'd done an aliminium chassis or alloy of some sort you would probably be looking at an extra £1500-£2000 or so. Which I certainly don't have haha. But I do hope Benelli sticks around, despite being made in China the company remains italian and so are its engineers and designers which is a good sign. And Benelli certainly used to be a main stream manufacturer.

  • Trick looking bike, nice find. Rare bike I'd imagine, never actually seen one before but specs seem very promising. They make a 125 version similar size to the Honda grom don't they? Seen one for sale a while ago and specs were way better than the grom at a cheaper price haha

  • Just having torque, is enough to forget motorcycle weight,

    Good looking bike,

  • @glynn123 I think its the best looking 300. Definitely uncommon, don't know if rare. I think people could be a bit scared to take the jump with this new chinese partnership and whatnot.

    Yup, Benelli make the tnt125. Though it's not really in that mini-125 market like the grom. And as for price to features I think Benelli is doing good. As I've said above there are a lot of features on the bn302 that you just don't get on the other 300s. Keep in mind it now comes with ABS as standard.

    I won't change anything major on the bike, but I will try and fit a tail tidy and some nicer mirrors cause lets be honest, no matter what company stock tails and mirrors are always **** ugly.

  • It was my understanding ABS has to be on bikes by default now, Aprilia RS4 125 has ABS.

    Bang for buck I think you've got a lovely bike.

  • @calum ABS is now mandatory for new motorcycles as of 2016. And thanks 🙂

  • So I bought myself an Arrow exhaust, I'll get a wee video of what it sounds like at some point, definitely better though and a bit lighter... the cat-con weighs a fucking tonne on this bike so glad that's gone.

  • So went for a wee ride today since I didn't get a chance earlier this week, love the new sound overall quite happy. Not too loud but loud enough so people now get out of my way when filtering or jumping lanes... that or people were oddly kind today. Sorry for the shit quality, recorded with my phone cause I forgot to charge the GoPro.

  • @Minia Decent bud!

  • @Minia Looks nice and beefy and she sounds cool with a deep roar!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_winking_eye: :thumbs_up_light_skin_tone:

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