• A little back story i sold my yamaha dt125 a while back and had the aim to do my A2 restriced licence.
    i got my licence and picked up this bad boy 2007 suzuki drz400sm
    I paid £2500 for this which is cheep but the previous owner forgot to mention ( and yes im a cunt and forgot to check) it is a cat c write off back in 2007 with 500 miles on the clock)
    (yes im a big guy)

    First thing i had to do to it was to remove the silly red graphics.


    and i stubbied the end can ...

    i found some slight damage on the tank 2 small dents. but it doesnt phase me its not to look pretty and be perfect. its to have its tits ragged and be dropped ect.

  • Well .... It went pop pop bang bang then seized on the motorway 😞

  • I am sorry but that's a little bit funny!

    Danny you knew they were unreliable. How many times did Nathan blow his UP?

    It's bad luck but they are notorious for failures. At least a rebuild is cheap, oh wait it's four stroke so will cost you.

    Nah in all fairness mate, they are really simple to rebuild. It will cost you as much or as little as you want. Depends on how you want to proceed. Doyou go all out and reinforce the engine to make it bullet proof.

    Or do you want to get it running again on the cheap?

    Either way it's going to need some thinking.

    If you want a bike for motorways then a drz ain't it. 400's aren't that much fast than a tuned 125. For motorways you will want a 600 or something geared up.

    Hope you sort it buddy.

    For anyone wondering I've known Danny a long time I am not literally laughing, but he never has much luck with bikes it seems. But seriously Danny how many times did Nathan break his?

  • yeh true i was expecting it to blow up soon i was giving it death everywhere i went and i was litterly on the motorway for like 1 miles sat at 70 cruising

  • it locked up on the motorway on saturday night ( litterly was on it for 1 mile and wasn't hammering it). Everything was running fine before hand she just lost power then a horrible grinding noise from the cylinder. And a horrible smell and white smoke from the exhaust and no coolant in the top of the radiators.
    Can turn the engine over by hand but locks up at a certain point spark plug is undamaged and the cam chain is still on.

  • gutted for u m8 hope u get it sorted soon

  • Took it into the shop the other week, not herd anything back but they are specialist in supermoto's do all the race bikes, when i dropped it off there was a cr500 sm in there was lovely.
    Thanks to one of my mates who took it up there for a mcdonalds.

    Last picture i have of her the day she blew up, me and my mate on a r6 on the rainford bypass holding hands haha

  • wot a lovely pic how long u been going together lol

  • Update piston cracked at the wrist pin it flew up smashing all the valves and then the con rod punched a hole in the barrel hydrolocking the bottom end the garage want 1300 to repair it

  • You could have done that yourself to find out.

    Again build the engine yourself mate it won't cost you half that!

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    That price is absolutely mad.

  • alt


    Yeh shes fucked. the garage offered me 900 for her the way she is so i took it 😞 bikeless again .... for now

  • Impressive. But £900?! I hope she comes back together nicely for you man. The summer awaits

  • bikeless I know the feeling but 900 quid to go towards another, wont be long before u can hold hands again lol

  • Well lifes been shit no bike but this blue turd walked into my life 😉


    She's been named the super turd aka the ST

    Nice little 1.6turbo engine in her producing around 180bhp

  • Nice get a bluefin box my brother had 1 in his focus st made a huge differance in rally mode must been close to 300bhp they ain't cheap but u get 5 map setting

  • What happened to your other ford?

  • That goes back to fords when i pick this new one up mate

  • Oh nice pal. They are alright those ST's, plush I mean. I can't comment on their performance.

  • i test drove it and it pulls like a train i pick her up tomorrow so ill let you lot know how she is