Yamaha dt125re rebuild

  • @calum honestly I don’t know how you could want a brighter bulb it was like an air raid lamp I’ve never saw the stock bulb brightness

  • @declan The one on my brothers 2003 DTR was horrendous.

  • @calum maybe there was some issue with his one or maybe the stock bulb is crap but mine with the right bulb was brill even the cheap aftermarket one I have now is really good

  • This polisports it horrible at night really dim doesn’t adjust much at all wouldn’t recommend to anyone

  • The original DTR headlight with better bulb is one of the best stock trail bike headlights I've come across. I used to ride for hours at night,

    I tried to be cool with a WR400 headlight... because I couldn't find a Blue DT-RE unit.

    It's terrible.

    alt text

    Better off riding with a BIC lighter in one hand.

  • @darty said

    Better off riding with a BIC lighter in one hand.

    🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • As @Darty rightly said "The original DTR headlight with better bulb is one of the best stock trail bike headlights."

    Stick with the stock headlight and just add one of these bad boys, for a top quality bargain upgrade and your good-to-go!!! 😉


  • @ninja 90W! You'll damage the rectifier running that though.

  • @calum mmmmmmmmmmm I had no probs with it. What's the average watts a 125 rectifier pumps out then?

  • @ninja I know mine got a little toasty with a bulb I put in there. I didn't have any issues but was warned at the time.

  • the front fairing on mine is smashed to bits and the lens has a crack in also so i was thinking aftermarket as there is not many original ones about..sounds like i might have to keep searching!

  • Few last bits to clean off and dismantle of the frame ready for prep and primer over the weekend


    Not in bad shape all straight etc but of rust round the rear off the frame but nothing to serious


  • @bradt No mate, not really sure why you're tearing it down. The bike looks really clean.

  • @bonus hey mate I found this while browsing. It's a replacement head light unit from yambits for DT125R.

  • @vishanj ,thanks mate but mine is a 2005 bike,i think it has had a bit of a hard life,well cosmetically at least,it could do with a full new set of plastics aswell as the lamp,i will get round to it eventually but stowed under at the minute.i just do little bits and bobs with it when i have the time,shame really but i have rode it less than 30 miles since the start of december!

  • @calum sorry for late reply been busy

    Iv started doing this rebuild because few things was wrong on the bike quiet a lot of dodgy wiring quite abit of rust on the frame etc
    Also boredom and a very eager friend has just had a bad split from his partner and needs something to keep him occupied while she took his bike from him

    Anyways down to bare frame now going to start grinding away tonight and start spraying tomorrow

    Might have been clean but it wasn’t perfect and little niggley bits and hodge jobs sets my ocd off so one little job leads to another and then bang the bikes in bits lol

  • @bonus ahh I know your frustration. Mine is a 1991 DT125R and it too has had a life of being neglected and thrashed around. All the bits are still in one piece and working order thankfully except for the front head light unit. Got to find a replacement for it.

  • Well it looks pretty clean in the photos. I personally woukd have the frame shot blasted and powdercoated if J were going to that much hassle. But the paint on the RE was so poor that I am sure you will do a better job.

  • Tbh I never thought about shot blasting at first until I sent all day yesterday grinding and sanding down shot blasting would of been a lot easier and not as painful

    But anyways most of rust is gone few little bits and primed the back end yesterday this was the most effected area from rust

    Maybe another sandover and few stickers to remove and replace and will prime the rest and get the paint on

  • Fine looking machine there, the rust on the subframe isn't too bad compared my '02 R. Regrettably a younger version of myself opted for the grinder and hammerite bodge fix which has made it a devil to sort without proper blast/powdercoating. For the love of all thats holy if youre going to this much effort do it right and save headaches down the line.

    I found my standard headlight to be complete garbage, in fact I used to refer to it as the "Prince of darkness". Don't recall trying any of the fancier bulbs out there but I've yet to be impressed with any bike headlight out there with the exception of the '02 ZX-6R. Oncoming traffic was always a case of aim-for-the-lights-and-2-feet-left with the DT.

    Is this going to be a full nut/bolt restoration or more of a seriously deep clean? As for colour IMO you can't beat the yammy blue. Also saves the faffery with V5 colour changes.

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