Yamaha dt125re rebuild

  • Right I’m stuck, confused and baffled

    I’ve taken the starter motor off with having problems of the annoying clicking noise new battery new relay all wire checked cleaned etc so I know it’s something with the starter
    Should I be able to move this cog by hand ?
    It doesn’t move at all could this be my problem?


  • @bradt I don't think you should be able to move it by hand IIRC.

  • Well starter motor been cleaned down etcand put back on engine fingers crossed

    Engine back in bike now with front front forks and wheel

    Finally getting somewhere

  • That's looking decent mate!

    Nice job.

  • @calum cheers mate

    Right tonight after work I am changing the gear selector seal any tips or step step guide ?
    Isit a case of digging the old one out and tapping the new one in ?

  • @bradt Easier to do when there is no gear lever in the way mate.

    You will risk damaging the shaft and causing a permanent oil leak.

    IIRC, it should not be difficult to remove the gear lever out put.

    Whip the clutch cover off and remove it. Then remove the seal, then replace the seal, then replace the lever. IIRC.

  • @calum I do mine with the shaft still in and it’s way easy bud

  • @declan any tips ?

  • @calum cheers mate sound complicated lol

  • @bradt It really isn't shaft just pulls out, giving you clear access to the oil seal.

  • @Calum so clutch cover off any need to remove the clutch basket or anything else?

    Really didn’t wanna tip the engine apart on this build wanted it to be simple and learn as I go but I have learnt it will never be a simple job 🤣

  • @bradt If you damage the shaft, it will always leak oil and you will need a new shaft. It's just hacky to do it in situe, but can be done.

    I can't remember how it is on these engines, what is in the way.

    alt text

    But that should be pulled out from the clutch cover side. You don't need to remove it, just pull it clear of the oil seal so you don't damage it.

  • @bradt I just levered it out with a small flat head cleaned up then pushed the other in I didn’t do nothing special but taking out the shaft is sensible just not for me

  • Id just replace it aswell, its pretty common to do, And I've done so many times on other bikes, both for the gear selector shaft, and the main output shaft.

  • Got it sorted removed the shaft like Calum said wasn’t to hard but that another box ticked on the list

  • So got back from work yesterday to find out the other half has been shopping for me and started without me

    So she has painted my Caliper in blue and my brackets in black

    Deffo a keeper this one 👍🏻

  • So iv fell massively behind new job etc house problems the list goes on

    But we’re not far off
    New job means this is going to be a daily user for work so need it back on the road and sorted until I get a company car

    Another things is there anyone close to Sheffield or willing to travel for abit of light off-roading in the Peak District or just general meeting ?

  • So after loosing all my photos phone crashed etc etc iv managed to save what I could a upload these few .

    Only a few bits left to do gearbox oil etc to go in.

    Most bits now will just been cleaned and placed in as need it for work ASAP.

    Will loads what iv got left on my phone but all I have at the minute.

    Only picture I have to hand will be coming out in the sunshine this week

  • Is that what you want to do is it, use it as a daily work horse?

    Mine never let me down. Great commuter.

  • When I first started rebuilding it wasn’t the idea was just gunna be a weekend toy have a good blast around every now and again but things change so until I get my company car it will be used
    But with it nearly finished it’s not the best build and not the cleanest and already pricing everything up for a full nut and bolt rebuild and making everything original to keep its value but that’s a long way off

    Already keeping my eyes open for something else for a project something I don’t need to use as really enjoyed doing this.

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