The Helios Project (Aprilia RS 125 Rotax 122)

  • @oldman Unfortunately, one of a kind, it will not be.

    As said, these bikes are used for the Junior Moto GP racing, or were used rather (replaced with four strokes today).

    So these bikes tend to get built to an exceptionally high standard. I don't have those sorts of deep pockets, but I will do my best where I can. It'll be SuperTeen Inspired for sure 😃

    I just need the right sized circlip for the front wheel then I can put the forks and swingarm on.

    Hopefully next weekend.

  • A few little bits arrived for me today.

    I got this exact disc on my DT. It was absolutely lovely, and was £60 cheaper than what I paid for it, so I jumped at the opportunity.

    alt text

    alt text

    All fitted to the wheel using Titanium bolts.

    alt text

    Genuine handle bars and switch gear arrived. Plus Titanium wheel nuts and aluminium fork top.

    Thinking of getting the handle bars painted, to contrast the white triple clamps. Then I can look to assemble it. Got some titanium handlebar bolts with these as well.

    I've also redone the swingarm bolts with titanium, which was expensive. But it feels nice to chuck the money into this vehicle as it'll be a real nice sunny ride.

    Although, I totalled the cost of the remaining parts, the price is eye watering. I think you could have bought two of these bikes brand new from Aprilia for the cost that this one is looking at. But of course, this will be far superior spec.

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    Works fine for me.

    You have to give it a while. It uploads it to my server, which uploads it to imgur and then embeds the link. So just because it says 100 percent that just means you have uploaded it to my server

  • @calum where do you buy all of your titanium screws? Ebay presumably, but from whom?

  • @irongamer727 Company called raceti

  • TYGA Rear Sets arrived...not cheap and didn't come with titanium bolts. So bolts ordered will let you see it on the bike when the decent bolts come.


  • @calum those titanium bolts was NOT cheap!

  • @irongamer727 said in The Helios Project (Aprilia RS 125 Rotax 122):

    @calum those titanium bolts was NOT cheap!

    at around £5 per bolt, i think you can safely assume theyre not all titanium, some of the bolts are even pictured saying ''a2-70'' on them which means a2 stainless steel.

  • @tunertom doubt Calum buys cheap shit. Gotta be a couple of hundred £ on bolts on that rs

  • Rearsets look fantastic, going to be an awesome build.

  • @tunertom Read the post bud, said these rear sets did not come with Titanium bolts hence why I haven't fitted them. Bolts order was 20 quid for four bolts. Just the mounting bolts, no sense in doing M6 10mm and two of the bolts were longer than the supplier has. Maybe in the fullness in time I will find someone that can replace them..

    Hopefully get them next week.

  • Rear Sets Fitted
    alt text

    Yes I'm very pleased with the results. They're looking spanking. Note for the moment it's just the bolts that mount it to the bike that I've bought titanium. Not actually sure what that middle one connects to. It'll probably get removed.

    alt text

    Handlebars back from the coaters. Yes I'm feeling this colour scheme!

    alt text

    alt text

    I've had to order some more titanium bolts. I may as well get the shock linkage bolts in titanium whilst I'm at it.

    Few more weeks and then this baby will be on wheels.

    I think the majority of the painting is done now. There is still a lot of money that needs to be spent on it. But the chassis is taking form quite nicely.

  • Nice one Calum, not a cheap build then? Looks stunning so far, glad you said I could have first ride😁😁

  • @oldman Trust me, you don't want to know the price of this build.

    Let's just say you could buy a brand new KTM EXC 250 2 Stroke Fuel Injection model...and have change, enough change to buy a semi-decent DT. Sorry Oldman, I doubt many people will get to enjoy riding this bike. So long as it doesn't get nicked that is.

  • You get paranoid don't you when you know people are too ready to steal your stuff, I am always as cautious as possible and always keep everything under lock and key. Have taken every reasonable step to protect my garage, building new shed/workshop enclosed in rear garden this year to kèep prying eyes away, don't even like working with garage door up to be honest as only takes someone to mention they saw a nice bike when passing and rumours spread to God knows where. Once you go to the lengths to create something special if it's stolen that bike can never be replaced no matter what. Keep posting updates, enjoying the thread!

  • @oldman We had some numpty this week walking around trying to open car doors, it was 10 O'clock at night...thieves are just getting lazy.

    Mate I've had my DT stolen before and it's not nice. To be honest, posting pictures up of my build up here is risky enough.

    It's a shame that that's the world we live in. Best thing about this build so far is that it's inside my bedroom. But eventually it'll need to go to the garage,

    Yeah you know how it is, it's nice to have a variety of projects swinging around the place. I'm still waiting to see what you do with that TDR.

  • Paranoid about bikes being stolen, had my last 3 bikes stolen all at a big loss due to the money spent on them. Just moved to a new house and need to build a garage on it so my 2003 dt project is in the garden behind a big fence. I have 2 ground anchors with a 14mm and 16mm thick hardened chains and the best squire locks.. Abus disc lock and a Datatool Alarm along with an Automatrics MTrack 24 hour monitered tracker as well as CCTV with infra red night vision that i can watch anywhere on my iphone. Think my DT is going to be safe, was wanting to keep it in the kitchen till get a garage sorted but the missus wouldn't let me so just went crazy on

  • @2stroketerry Yeah that's a shame, DT's are prime targets unfortunately.

  • Rear Arm Completed.

    alt text

    Just need disc and sprockets but I shall do those when it's all on the bike.