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  • @Calum I completely agree. He didn't even check the spark plug? Could be running really lean, has he checked the cooling system?

  • Dunno tbh guys, he said he'd have a look and let me know, I'm just going to have to trust he knows his onions and not looking to be ripping me off.

    The other garage in town wouldn't even consider looking at it for a month so not much option. I'll speak to them on Monday and see what the gen is, if its not 'fixed' i'll bring it home and get the spanners out.

    And if that happens I hope you like pictures of engines and questions.... 😄

  • @me0u01c1 To be honest, we're all here any how and are happuy to lend a helping hand. There may be a member on here nearby willing to give you a happy end.

  • May sound stupid, but are you sure the 2T oil tank is filled, I've heard of people getting confused and filling the expansion bottle for the coolant with oil!
    Never heard of one of these pumps failing

  • @Glynn123 yep to the brim, it was his first call for 'pilot error' and it looked like it hadn't dropped at all (but then it has covered very little distance). I will admit I had a little panic when he mentioned it

  • @Calum said in New Owner:

    willing to give you a happy end.

    Ha ha ha I hope you mean helping hand 'cos you normally have to pay extra for a happy ending.

  • @me0u01c1 that's weird yeah, maybe worth trying premix and keeping any eye on the temperature of the engine? Ofcourse run the premix rich and check for any lean mixture or air leaks first mind. Just thinking of quick fixes to get you on the road for now, the damage has been done, aslong as its got compression it should still ride until you want to rebuild.

  • @me0u01c1 no way I’d pay that for a half hour job the first rebuild I did was on my dt almost exactly one year ago I’d be happy to walk you through step by step

  • So got it back finally, it was the oil pump. The old 2 stroke had congealed blocking intake so the engine and the pump have been running dry. The engine is running on premix at the mo while I get ready for my mod 2 on Wednesday and then I'll be looking at rebuilding the pump and top end. Thanks for all the pointers guys.

  • @me0u01c1 How frustrating.

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