• Hi all. Used to be on the old Forum when I had my DT.

    Wondering if anyone on here owns P808WGP a black DTR?

    I had it for about four years. Blew it up twice, then had Norfe do the whole engine & painted side cases. Then had no problems with it for two or more years, then blew the top end again and threw it on eBay as spares or repairs.

  • Hi Luke welcome back.

    Can't say I have seen it.

    You done an MOT check to see if it is still knocking about.

  • Yeah, it's taxed & MOT'D. I had it on the maximum bore and it kept heat seizing & needed a frame powdercoat. So I put it on eBay. I passed my theory to prove it was easy & ended up doing my license and getting a car. Put the bikes aside due to the EU laws. And not paying to renew CBT every 2 years.

    Car is much more practical as well, couldn't go in a shop for 10 minutes, or I'd return to no motorbike.

  • @DTRLuke said in Anyone On Here Own P808WGP?:

    Car is much more practical as well, couldn't go in a shop for 10 minutes, or I'd return to no motorbike.

    Which ghetto do you live in then??? :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_cold_sweat: :face_with_tears_of_joy: 🤣

  • @NINJA England

  • Not even about being in a ghetto. It's a '1997 motorbike that you can put a flat head in the ignition barrel, or wire it extremely easy in literally ten seconds and rip off up the road on it. Then remove the lights and reg, you have a off-roader that'll out last any MX bike. If treated nicely. Most of the "field" bikes on eBay, Gumtree etc are probably stolen.

    If you want a moped that cannot be stolen without keys, buy a Peugeot all of their scooters won't start, even with a switch soldiered into the wiring harness.

    Only place any motorbike is really safe, is Devon.

  • The sad thing is, @declan Isn't far from the truth.

    I wouldn't dream of touching another mans "Automobile".

    Scum. And England in general is full of these sorts of crooked scum bags that think it's okay to rob, steal and kill for something.

    It's a totally different culture abroad, loads of bikes over in our European counterparts. Sure bikes still get robbed, but the majority of people leave their bikes unattended.

    Makes me sick.

    And to make matters worse, forums like this one doesn't help.

    We come on here to talk and share our projects, for some preaching eyes to see our goods. Nothing is sacred.

    Best thing you could probably do is to never finish the project...

    Rant and ting!

  • @Calum I think you can all find peace on that I live in the worst area here and I say that with upmost confidence plenty of stolen bikes up and down my street plenty of drug dealing neighbors and plenty of machete attacks just round the corner but thanks to my doggies my bikes will never go anywhere they’re just too good you will have to go a Long way til your bikes are safe

  • No matter what it is or how much effort you go to in secure something, if a thief wants it bad enough they will find a way to steal it. Sadly that's the world we live in today, the old days of an eye_for_an_eye or cut off a thief's hands were the best deterrent's. Which reminds me of a sexy lass I use to date many years ago, who had 2 very large pit bull's and left the door's to her house wide open. Both the front and rear gardens were secure, so that the dogs could not escape, but the 2 dogs roamed free around the whole property. I asked her one day if she was concerned about leaving her home wide open for scumbags to enter? And her response was "I pity any fool who decides to try and rob me and mess with Butch and Sunny!!!

    Nuff said. 😉

  • @NINJA sleeping pills in a bit of steak. Job done on that one lol. Nothing is foolproof unfortunately

  • @finnerz89 ain’t no amount of sleeping pills knocking my Charlie under besides I have 6 dogs so unless they own a pharmacy they ain’t getting my bikes

  • Interestingly, had a new MOT on 5 November. Lost 5,000(+) miles off its mileage, so either had new clocks or up for sale soon with lower mileage.