Exhaust 'recovery pipe' got loose during high rev

  • Heya!
    In my 2004 DT 125RE there's a small pipe connected to the exhaust before the baloon thatdisconnected while riding!

    There's exhaust fumes coming out from there too now, and it is way noisier since it is right after the cylinder. What could have caused it? Should i just put it back and tight the screw without Concern? Also, what is it? It is a steel/alu pipe that goes in the engine - some kind of recovery system? I am not familiar with the exhaust systems of 2 stroke engines.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Small update: the hole in the pipe was clogged with coal-like residue and that was probably what pushed the pipe away while I was high revving the engine.
    Unclogged it and sticked it back in and I guess it is fine now as the noise seems as it used to. Still waiting for an explanation about the function of the exhaust recovery! 😅
    Thanks in advance!

  • Pretty sure they're an emissions system on the later DTs, I'd block it off to be honest or change to a different exhaust system, doesn't help the engine in any way.

  • @bugabugas Upload some pics dude, it's 100% easier than trying to describe things. 😉

  • It takes fresh air from the air box and routes it into the exhaust. As stated it's for emissions and doesn't affect performance either way.

    If it comes off again don't run the bike as you run the risk of running seriously lean like that.

  • I welded it shut