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  • This is my beloved grandsons pw50, bought in the summer as " yes mate, it's fully rebuilt and sweet as a nut!" Bullshit, " it's rough as old dogs balls but I have done enough to get it running while you are here!"
    Being an old bastard I knew the truth but it was local and cheap(ish) so bought it anyway, the truth is it spills oil faster than BP and is a pig to start. Finished new shed /workshop so stripped it down fo rebuild to get a clear garage for the 88 rebuild asap. Barrel worn and carb has more crap than Jonathan Ross, but hey ho, have new seals and barrel/piston to go on so should be straight forward, but feel the urge to powdercoat wheels and frame before it goes back together. At the current rate of growth of my grandson he will be taller than me before I finish!0_1538865111916_20181006_231809-1024x576.jpg

  • @oldman Wheels look like they need a refurb, frame looks sweet enough to be fair.

    I know the temptation to powdercoat it, but it's will only get dropped.

    Be interesting to see it restored to some former glory mind you!

  • Good example of false engine no, original ground out.0_1539111387573_IMAG0254-1500x2000.jpg

  • @oldman I believe that the classification for the seller of "Well Dodgey" rings true hear, It may not have been him who 'customised' the engine, but you can bet your bottom dollar he sure knew all about it for-sure. Oh well what's done is done, but hey hoo we all know that you do indeed love a challenge my friend!!!
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    @oldman that's about as blatant as they come! πŸ˜‚

  • The way the numbers drop is killing me lol it’s like he was falling to sleep while doing it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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