Winter is coming. Hold the garage door.

  • @Calum So yes I'm missing some sort of screw aye?

  • Back to working on the bike, pulled the carburettor out the other day and thought I had an oil leak causing the oil to piss out all over the engine, then I saw my hand covered in blood and realised I'd cut myself. Not exactly pleasant but I'll survive. Carb is pretty dirty, not even yellow but green stains and buildup so I'll probably take it apart and throw it in an acid bath.

    Also bought myself a battery charger/maintainer as they were on sale on amazon and it certainly doesn't hurt to have one, so that is happily charging the battery on the benelli 🙂

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    The more I remove bits off the bike the more I think about a complete rebuild, but I'll leave that decision making for later.

  • Garage is a bit warmer and I was in the mood so I got a bit more done.

    alt text

    Wheel, Shock and Swingarm are out. I'll get the triple link out as well later on. Became apparent bolts, spindle, sleeves and rollers haven't been greased in quite a while. Took a bit more effort to get the bottom of the shock out, the bolt was seized although not too badly but I did struggle for 15 minutes or so. I'll keep going at it at a slow pace until the bike is as disassembled as it needs be then it will be time to get the white vinegar out and clean everything until the towels keep their original colour!

    alt text

    Will probably have to use very rough sandpaper for this bit or even a grinder, guess I'll be doing some painting at some point.

    alt text

    Bottom of the shock, evident with rust.

    alt text

    Now a question. I've drained the coolant out the bike and I noticed when I moved it a clear/yellowish liquid seemed to have started pissing out of the engine cover, right-side underneath the pump. Doesn't look to me like it is the pump, seemed to be pissing out the engine cover itself. Anybody have any ideas what I should be doing with that information? I'd assume my seal is gone meaning I'll probably have to replace it later on once I get there?

  • @Minia said in Winter is coming. Hold the garage door.:

    then it will be time to get the white vinegar out and clean everything until the towels keep their original colour!

    How does that work???

  • @NINJA White vinegar and salt removes rust. Just need to be careful of the concentration or it'll remove protective layers on some metals like aluminium. Most of my bolts are rusty, so I'm going to soak them up then brush the rust off.

  • @Minia Which is the best concentration mix you use/recommend please???

  • @NINJA Never tried it before 🙂 I've got a 5 litre bucket, I'll just dump the bolts and screws in there and throw in maybe 2-3 spoons of salt. See how it goes.

  • @Minia LOL OK let us know how you get on???

  • @NINJA Sure 🙂 Worth a go mate. Maybe I'll only do a couple first, see how it goes.

  • 20190314_052714.jpg

    Getting there... slowly.

    Think I'm going to be taking it all apart, more annoyances appearing. Notably one of the bolts holding the tach and headlamp mount from the top has shredded, going to be tough to get out.

    Once everything I need is off, removing rust and painting will take place 🙂

  • Getting there... still.

    alt text

    alt text

    Found a local guy who can gritblast the engine and powdercoat motorcycle frames so I'll probably do that to give it a really good clean underneath. The rest I can manage with some elbow grease.

    I'll be in France for a bit to work on the country home and hopefully I'll find a WR250 that'll appear, once again the one I was looking at sold 😢 If I can't find anything, I'll just bring another DT back up and sell it.

  • Looks like good progress mate

    I'm off to Normandy in June if Brexit don't balls it up - I always take my dog on my travels even this year for the 75th anniversary celebrations 😉

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