• Woke up this morning went outside to start my beloved dt... kicked over lovely for about 2mins or so then all of a sudden she died.. which was no fuel.. put the reserve tank on and fired up again just fine but when I went to give her a bit of throttle she began to run biggy and died... tried again and seem as if it flooded and will not start at all now... checked the plug has spark have good compression.. do not no where to begin.. any ideas would be maybe fuel to air mixture or idel screw setting please.. someone help

  • You running an air filter? Snorkel in Snorkel out?

  • Bikes completely original mate I don't no why it's done it do you know of the correct ideal and air screw settings? Maybe I could try that I have taken the plug out as it was black to see if it needed to be dried out other than that I'm out of idears

  • Easier way to test rather than messing with carb settings is to just restrict the air box or apply choke.

  • If it's directly related the cold weather then it's probably something like that.

  • Won't start with choke or without it go e her a bit of throttle and sounds as if it's flooded and don't want to work I'm really not sure was working fine yesterday at half 3 in the morning started first kick at minus 1 now it's not having none of it

  • If you need to give it throttle then it's not set up properly.

    I've never needed it on my DTR, nor on my RS.

  • Do you use reserve often? Could be blockage or more likely crap at bottom of tank turn fuel tap off and drain carb, refill in normal position, worth a try

  • @oldman Good point. Somehow forgot the basics.

    To be honest I half assed the help here.

    Go back to basics, to run you need fuel spark and air. If you got them three something should happen.