• Today I (foolishly) ran out of oil while riding my 02 Yamaha dt 125r ran out of oil while riding (not fast) which resulted in my bike dying, I then put oil in my bike, kicked it over slowly a few times and then kicked it over and started it, it was running fine for about 60ft, then it died. since then I started the bike a few times and revved it which then lead to it dying (no rattling or anything, sounds like the engine is starving but I have both oil and petrol). The bike was extremely hot when I ran out of oil.

    I currently do not know what is wrong with the bike, as it starts I am lead to believe that it isn't heat seized. If anyone knows what is wrong with it or could help in anyway please could you get in contact or reply to this thread, it would be greatly appreciated.

    P.s. My engine was fully rebuild to factory standard in December of 2018, this incident happened on the 18th of February 2019. I haven't tampered with anything or changed anything to do with the bike since.

    Thank you for your help.

  • When you run out of oil you will put air in the oil pump system. This wjll need to be bled. As a result it is not enough to just put oil in.

  • @Blaze-Vile yes so even though you put oil in you were still riding with no oil for all of those 60ft

  • A 2 stroke wouldnt seize from 60ft without oil. This indicates a problem that started before.

  • @Minia well he was riding it with no oil prior to that though wasn’t he

  • @declan well question is for how long.

  • Bleeding the system would be a wise move, just to ensure that all of the air is pumped out. An even wiser move would be not to let the bike run out of oil in the first place. Oil is the lifeblood of a 2 stroke engine, never ride without it!!! 😉

  • @Calum I drove for a couple of days with premix, and then i switched back to using the oil tank by filling it up, ran premix for a day or so, and after that i have just used the oil tank. Does this mean that my bike has not been getting oil through or does it bleed itself after a while?

  • @Bananper if there’s not a blockage or a restriction the pump will bleed it’s self over time if you have pre mix in it,

  • @declan yeah, it's smoking blue and smells like a two stroke so i guess it's okay

  • @Bananper Yeah that sounds fine. You are meant to bleed the pump from the oil pump itself. There is a nozzle you use to bleed from. so unless something went wrong you should be okay.