Stevie’s French Import 1998 DTR Journey

  • So, my first post (1:52am) this is going to be a personal record and almost blog following me and my journey starts singing don’t stop believin’😂 with my DTR *this is still only my second post on the forum and I’m using an iPhone so when I work out how to upload photos, I’ll post in chronological order photos from the first time I ever saw the bike online, met it, bought it and everything else in between. It’s worth noting, due to how special this bike is to me I won’t ever part ways with it, so this could be a long one guys! Hopefully we can meet a few people on the way that enjoy, inspire or maybe learn from this journey. I hope for the best.
    So to begin with, I have never owned or even properly ridden a two stroke above a chainsaw or 50cc having only ridden four strokes and my own custom built race spec 150cc lexmoto adrenaline, so owning a DTR is also a massive learning curve in terms of riding, maintenance and even learning the mechanical side of things as well as how two strokes tick.
    Secondly, owning this bike is a huge personal achievement for me since I started riding that was the one that I wanted, to a point I had written on my bucket list. Which is why I think this post wether it be for my own use as a timeline might also turn out to be pretty special. See for me, DTR’s are pretty special they’re a name that’s known and synonymous with memories from family members of when they where my age of how they used to steal them, rag them on fields and all the old pub talk deristriction and go faster tricks everyone used to chat about back in the day. Which of course is also follow by said friend/family member saying how “rapid” the DT is whilst simultaneously making this face that’s only ever made when they reminisce what it was like sitting on one for the first time and feeling what a powerband does to a 17 year old teen in the 90’s. DTR’s are a little slice of nostalgia for me of a time when I was a wee wee nipper and all the cars my family had where old transits, nova’s and shit mondeo’s .
    Now the reason this bike is so special to me is not only is it something I said to myself I’ll do before I die but also because, I went that extra distance to find a DTR manufactured in ‘98, the year of my birth (it’s actually only 4 months older then me believe it or not). The months and months of continuous searching that led to finally find this bike is something of a journey in itself, especially as I refused to settle for anything less then original and in 5
    condition, not asking for much 😂. I would also like to add as I’m only 20, my DTR is singularly the biggest purchase I’ve ever made in my life to date and as anyone that’s ever grown up knows there’s a lot of hard work, determination, perceiverence and life’s BS thrown at you on the way to get there. It’s surreal owning it but looking at it is a constant reminder to work hard and that I can achieve whatever I want to. Also given the fact it’s a French import I will be the first named keeper on all its paper work (something that I won’t ever let change). Hopefully you can understand now why this bike is pretty special and significant to me. Stevie

    Current plans to date are to build a 90’s MX and 90’s YZ inspired bike and tuning the bike as much as I can whilst keeping its originality and authenticity to the era.
    This means using as many OEM parts as possible or parts that would’ve been available back in the day (however a 170 kit, boring out and porting a cylinder or even hunting whatever I need to make it 200ccis a very real option). I’d read here about 32mm TZR dellorto carbs and bits and pieces from wr200’s/DT200’s and DT230 bolt straight on and can give a good boost.
    Also because we, England, have such a strong heritage in MX there’s tonns of upgrades available from british manufacturers so I plan to use as many british made parts too, just as a nice little bit patriotism.

  • Ha fantastic stuff bud!

    I have that fascination too, buying vehicles that are the same age as you.

    Unfortuantely, DTRs are still heavily stolen to this day, be sure to keep your motor under lock and key else it WILL Go missing!

    I'd avoid the 170 kit personally, you only have to read the reviews on here to understand why.

    Looking forward to what you do with this.

  • Welcome aboard G,

    Any questions just ask, like you maybe, I modified my DTR just out of interest in engineering and design.

    It's like a test mule for just getting in the shed (with beers) and doing something cool.

    Mines a tired and wonkey ol example that's had 1000 previous owners, but with so many great memories of it from buying it at 16, and using it in every possible condition and nearly every day for 3 more years. I'll never sell it on,

    I've had many ideas and zero time of late to realise them, hopefully we can at-least tell you what not to do from experience.

    Enjoy the journey, and don't spend to much money on it!

  • Welcome to the forum, I’m doing a Similar project, but I’m doing a 80s style yz build be interested to see you what you come up with

  • @Darty yo my guy what’s good! It’s really good to finally speak to you I’ve read so much of your shit on here and learned so much, I’m pretty sure between you and what you’ve done is really what made me realise the tuning potential of my bike whilst only using Yamaha made parts and by hunting old parts from other bikes. I’d all also thought you where an older guy rather then similar age to me, it’s good to see someone my age with those skills and crafts. I do love your ability to never really be settled with something and want to keep tinkering or exploring other possibilities, trust me I get that although it’s costly and I do sit back and wonder if I’ll ever be 110% happy 😂 Coming from modifying and owning a lexmoto to the DTR, I do get what you mean about the engineering side of things, I’ve sat and looked at all the little details put into making one, it’s fascinating just seeing all the bits and pieces that are added or used that I’d never seen before but has a specific purpose. Also you’re also doing a lot of things guys twice your age aren’t doing or attempting so massive respect bro, hopefully you get some time soon. Also I never expected such a similar story, sounds like you’ve really took yours to hell and brought it back on more then a few times and had a fuck ton of good memories with it not to mentioned learned a lot. I will without doubt though put keeping the bikes safe no.1 though, tracker gps, multiple locks and always hidden covered/in storage when not being ridden. I could easily go out and buy another DTR, but I won’t ever be able to replace that one though. Also how do you upload pics from iPhone?

  • @mhbikesnbits cheers man, I’ve been following your build also, looks proper smart especially the yz490 shock etc

  • Nice. Why not just get a DT200R if you wanted a 200cc? It wouldn't be 98 but... or just buy a 200cc DT engine and fit it into your 125, if I remember right it's a straight bolt-in.

  • @dtStevie98 Thanks man, might seem older, I do remember having Windows 95..., I've only just finished University,

    I do it my way I guess, not the first or the last guy to try this stuff, it's good to see more 2stroke heads out there, the old 125 2 stroke scene is dying out with our generation,

    I upload with Flickr on the PC, so cant say,

  • So since my last post I’ve managed to get the bike out a fair few times, enough where the DTR’s starting to really feel like it’s “my bike” so to say. Recently discovered and created a few routes that can get me every end of my village without using the roads as the DVLA still haven’t sent me registration paperwork!
    To some of you’s dismay yesterday (considering its head to toe original factory spec, yes full road bike trim) I actually got to ride it for the day at a mx track amongst 85’s and 150 KTM’s and even without knobblies the old spongey floppy girl held her own, (you wouldn’t have even known I was there with the stock pipe until I come whizzing past in second 😂) honestly have a whole new level of respect for the old two smoker even with someone with no past mx experience or two stroke experience. But the best part was the amount of smiles she put on peoples faces. The entire time I was there and riding, rain or shine she didn’t give me one single issue. Say what you like about two strokes but I’m astounded.
    ![alt text](image url)

  • This is an up to date purchase list as I haven’t currently made any changes to the bike since it’s import

    Replacement oil tank (ya boi stevie was a pilchard and broke the oil tank cap and it worked out cheaper to buy a whole tank then buy a replacement cap)
    Renthal 971 Bars silver (90’s YZ spec)
    Renthal waffle ultra tacky grips black
    Original OEM 1998 YZ250 1/4 throttle body
    Apico factory racing twist tube (eBay seller sent me a snapped twist tube ffs)
    Roughly a couple million spark plugs, acf 50 and litres of putoline mx5
    Depp expansion chamber and silencer
    Replacement rear left and right panels (originals have lost their glossy new white shine, are sun faded however still saveable and useable for the future)

    After a late night and some beers I woke realising I bought a HPires rear fender, (the stock rear fender has the same issue as the side panels except it looks like some Frenchmen got pissed off and started trying to stab holes into it, once again useable but not pristine) I’m still in debate as to how long the HPires will stay on the bike though as I’m not sure it follows the 90’s OEM style I’m after.
    After anxiety induced meltdowns and pulling my hair out I finally stopped looking at tyres and gave conclusion that people only mention tyres that have killed them and good reviews are always conflicting. Especially when they’re dirt bikes/dual-sports and even further when you’re trying to find a tyre with a dedicated traditional knobbly pattern, fits your bike and that you won’t need to write a will every time you ride on tarmac. Nonetheless I committed to the lifestyle of pissing off farmers and went and bought a set of knobblies. Stuck between Michelin Starcross 5’s, AC10’s, Metzeler Unicross (the only period correct tyre I could find) and Dunlop’s D952 I decided fuck reviews and keeping the bike period correct for this one.. I need grip and I need tyres I know I can trust to hold me upright just as much in a field as they do on road. So I went and bought a set of Maxxis Maxxcross IT’s 80/100/21-120/100-18 for just under £90. Bargain! With the design of the tread it creates a strong curve profile in the tyre amongst the knobblies which will hopefully increase cornering grip on tarmac.
    I also very recently for a grand total of £30 managed to acquire a near brand new 3xp-4bf WR200 air box. Air box duct/boot, boost bottle and everything the whole unit for £30... TAKE MY MONEY!!! 😂 I’m not even 100% sure how to make full use of it or what year it is from but I do remember @Darty you used it to for some really good gains

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