1988 bike

  • I did, acid etch primer, top coat x 2 and petrol resistant laquer then baked in my greenhouse for a week. Handlebars and side stand powdercoated though.

  • Thats how they were in 88 endurance blue btw, all black trimmings. Received pics from Yamaha customer services, they were pretty helpful tbh, sent me service manual too

  • Oh yes that looks fabulous.

  • Well wadayano, csmnl found the needle jet kit I needed after all, finally arrived today so that's to be done. Have sorted wheels to be done, just need to strip them down before sending off. Otherwise progressing well, filled all the fluids and changed the powervalve motor (laboured when I powered up the bike). Might be finished before Christmas if the wheels don't delay me.20190911_113759-1024x576.jpg

  • Really nice just gone through your post catch up on it coming on really well looks amazing

  • This is definitely the last dt I am doing, have a tdr250 waiting to be done. Have used all genuine Yamaha Parts where they have been available so it's cost a small fortune, even brake lines are genuine new. It has cost far more than I thought as I underestimated how much was missing. All bodywork is genuine new including fuel tank, will be as close to a new 88 dt as I can make it. Will I make any money on it? Never

  • @oldman Don't say that. Your builds are special. Its not all about money. Its almost like giving something back to the world. These are dying off and you just aren't seeing them like you used to.

    I have jusy bought another project, it's not going to make money. But it will be nice to put another bike back on the road for someone else to enjoy.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Spill the beans then Calum, what have you bought!

  • @oldman he’s being way too cagey

  • Santa made another visit to my house today and brought me a genuine Yamaha seat cover in black for the endurance blue build20190913_203758-1024x576.jpg , now do I use an old seat base or sacrifice a nos seat in Mint green I have had for years? Answers on a postcard.

  • What's the difference between the genuine and non genuine seat cover.

  • @Calum About £50!!! 😁 😆 😅 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • Nooooooo! It was £47 from fowlers Inc delivery, it's preshaped so no trying to stretch over the ends and sides without creases. I'll pop some pics up later.

  • @oldman I paid 50 for a non oem one

  • Here's the pics, customers partner is an upholsterer so even easier! Dropped off last night, and I think I have found someone local to do wheels too, bonus!20190914_182948-576x1024.jpg 20190914_184740-576x1024.jpg

  • @oldman let’s hope we don’t have a revisit of the wheel saga lol

  • Hes close enough to bang on his door!

  • Wheels sorted and gone off for rebuild with new rims. Old ones corroded when I got the tires off. Seat is finished as well so will be collecting that asap. Hubs will be powdercoated satin black. Turns out my local mot tester rebuilds wheels so they are with him, trusted as he's been excellent in all my dealings with him. Been around since my youth! (a looooonnng time ago) waiting for 1 part to fit all the bodywork (tank damper) ordered July, keep chasing him up but no result so far. May have to look elsewhere but unfortunately discontinued, another bloody saga!

  • @oldman always something isn’t they

  • Phoned supplier again, hes still looking for tank damper in his stock. Saw a second hand one and ordered that,hopefully one will arrive soon. Collected seat and that's perfect, taking wheel hubs for powder coating, ordered tyres (trail wings) as these were standard originally? Maybe? Anyone know!

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