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  • thumbnail_Screenshot_20190520-200647_Drive[3].jpg thumbnail_20190506_212926[3].jpg thumbnail_20190506_211800[1].jpg thumbnail_20190518_191423[3].jpg thumbnail_20190518_191409[2].jpg thumbnail_Screenshot_20190518-191104_Messenger[2].jpg Evening all. Hope all is well in the world of dt. Ive resently become a proud owner of a 1998 dt125r. (Condition poor to average)
    Now the fun starts. 😕😕 as you're probably aware the loom on a 21yr old bike is full of joy. And this one has been butcher'd. I've gone through it and replaced most of the suspect connections with white blocks (for now) as most were 3 or 4 wires wrapped together with tape stuck on it. Not ideal.
    Ive studied a diagram and looks like most wires are going to correct places.
    I've done some testing. Grounds seem good Coil lead cap and plug are all good. Batterys good.
    Now I ohms tested the stator and the pickup coil for the lights etc is within spec came in at 290ohms when I tested the source coil for the spark it came back at 880ohms. Now thats 3 times over spec. Maybe this is my spark issue? I've have looked for and found codes my cdi code and engine code don't match cdi is 3rm and my engine code is 3bn.. is this weird? I have ordered a flywheel puller tool so when that turns up I'll remove that to reveal the stator and it's condition. But as it stands I can't see what it looks like.
    My thoughts...... buy and new working stator? 3rm or 3bn? And even matching loom if I can find one.
    Thanks for you're time.

  • Hello, that will keep you busy. Looking at the picture of your loom it looks a right mess. Have experienced earth cable faults in old looms so always worth checking for continuity and resistance. Looms are hard to come by new but you might be lucky and pick up a decent second hand one.

  • 3RM is a derestricted CDI, don't worry too much about the engine codes, looks all good to me.

  • Quick little update!! I have been doing some ground tests on the bike I have connected to positive lead of my multimeter to the battery. And gone round the bike with the negative lead and all grounds seem good but when I touch the negative lead of the multi meter to the power into the coil(orange wire) I get a reading. 12.81 volts. Does this mean I have a negative chage going through my orange power wire? If that even makes sense.

  • @that2strokepoke Welcome to the club. :thumbs_up_medium-light_skin_tone:

  • I remember back when i first got my dtr and the first thing i did was take the sticky old tape off my wiring loom, and replaced each bad wire one at a time, and removed all traces of the indicators, as i use my arms and i used to go off road alot, lookinh forward to seeing your progress!!

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