Lectron carbs ... and smart carbs ..

  • Does anyone have any experience with lectron carbs and know are they as good as the (hype) its literally the last engine part i was going to invest in but am pondering the 400 pounds price tag plus another 70 for custom throttle cable .... i understand they dont have jets just a screw to adjust the jet sizes for more accurate and pricice jeting ... but lots of mixed reviews...

  • If you're comfortable with jetting your engine, then I don't see the point.

  • As its a full blown polished 30 mm mx carb so thinking i can get away with using original airbox and manifold ... and im not that good with jetting 😕 and its the point of not having to take it apart to change any jets just one screw on the side

  • @stinkwheeler In the nearly ten years of DTR Ownership, I've never needed to dismantle the carb and change jets.

    Okay, that's a far fetch statement.

    My bike is tuned. But i literally slapped on a Dellorto 32mm tweaked the jetting, and it's been golden ever since.

    My RS, wow, that was literally bought a 34mm Dellorto, slapped it on, went up the road and was like, yup already jetted.

    So I don't see the benefit. Unless I want to race competitively, or need decent MPGs.

  • Had good results with my Polini PWK 32, fits standard airbox and intake without mods, jetting was a bastard and I spent alot of money on jets and needles, but at least now I have a very good base point for someone with a lightly modded DTR to work from.

  • @stinkwheeler If you search the web and mostly YT, there's a ton of rave reviews for the Leccy, a lot of MXers swear by them for added power and lower lap times. The enduro guys rave on about the extra mileage they get with better fuel economy, better low to mid range torque and the fact that there's no need to adjust them for altitude and climate changes. Plus the added bonus other than no jetting to sort out is that you do not have to dismantle half of your bike to adjust the metering rod. Tuning is more simple with just the idle screw and power jet screw to adjust. You can also run a slightly larger diameter over jetted carbs too. I have one on my wish list for my MX 125, there not cheap but as about as close as you can get to fuel injection ATM.

  • I have also heard amazing things about these carbs and considering one for my build just the price tag is high I’m just contemplating splash out or go for a tm 32 or somthing along them lines