Hi all I have a dtr 125 I am currently baffled by what is happening I have been over and over the wiring diagram and am 99.9%sure it's exactly how it should be however when the key is off I'm getting a spark when the key is turned on the power valve boots up but I lose my spark somebody had tried to steal the bike in the past and all the wires had been cut I have had 3 of these bikes in the past re wired all 3 off them myself but this one is stressing me right out how could I possibly have a spark with the ignition unplugged I have also noticed that when I disconnect the battery I can get a spark with the key on or off but obviously this means the cdi is getting no power and the power valve will not operate and also the bike wouldn't cut out with the key being turned off any help is very much appreciated thanks in advance

  • Hi there did you find out the problem as from what you are saying I have the same problem also my loom is brand new out of packet so it’s definitely not the loom as my problem is the same as yours I’m putting it down to stator???

  • @jamie1992 did you get this sorted in the end what was causing it

  • I had this years ago. Faulty side stand was fo blame. I just bypassed it and the ignition barrel.

    For a long time used to just start it up with the ignition in the off position and kick it over whilst simultaneously switching it to the on position.

  • @Calum I was going to say I'm sure I've read about that problem before on this forum.